“O Silêncio dos Inocentes” turns 30 and gives “Clarice” the voice on television | watch TV

Even those who have never read Thomas Harris may know some of his sentences, either because he saw the most successful adaptation of his books, The Silence of the Lambs (1991), or because someone around him used them as a catchphrase. Or even a GIF or a meme. The new Clarice series, which opens on Monday at 10:15 pm at Fox, knows the cream in Buffalo Bill’s basket, the moths and the “Thomas Harris Universe”, which now has a new subscription . However, she finds herself outside the niche of author television and is forced to leave out the most famous member of her family: Hannibal Lecter. It doesn’t matter, executive producer Elizabeth Klaviter told PUBLIC. “We all love Hannibal and his role in the franchise, but we also love Clarice.”

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