The bloc wants to criminalize unjust enrichment in leading public offices, crime, law and justice

The leader of the Left Bloc defended the criminalization of illegal or unjustified enrichment of high-ranking officials this Saturday and said her party would soon table a proposal in parliament. “Of course Portugal had a Prime Minister who lived on a path that cannot be explained by the income and wealth that it has declared. And it’s difficult to find anything more serious. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and one of the ways to deal with it is clearly to criminalize illegal or unjust enrichment, ”defended Catarina Martins.

The bloc chairman spoke to journalists in Viseu on the sidelines of a forest-eaters plenary session about the instruction decision of Operation Marquis a week ago, in which former Prime Minister José Socrates was involved. This is, in their opinion, a process that showed this is “all the shortcomings of the system itself and of justice”.

“The Left Bloc will soon be submitting the proposal of unjust enrichment for high-ranking holders of public office to parliament again, which is not a problem for the Constitutional Court,” he suspected. Previously, the BE coordinator had acknowledged that the Party of the Union of Judges would listen, who “have proposals on this matter and which will be very similar to proposals that the bloc has also proposed”.

“We will certainly analyze with other proposals how we can best include them and thus confirm our proposal,” admitted Catarina Martins, pointing out that the party has had proposals on this topic since 2009. The blockist leader criticized the PS and CDS, which “formed a majority in order to block any possibility of advancing unjustified enrichment.”

“It was later possible to move forward, but with a proposal that was deemed unconstitutional because both citizens who have no public functions and citizens who have public functions had the same justification for their prosperity and thus the court found that that this has been reversed. The burden of proof, ”he stated.

Catarina Martins said there may be a law of unjust enrichment that is constitutional and does not reverse the burden of proof when you assume what to assume, that is, “It is up to senior public officials to have a special obligation around them Justify income that a citizen does not have in private functions ”.

“By concentrating legislation on high-ranking holders of public office, be it politicians or judges, for example, we have certainly achieved a constitutional law that gives the judiciary the tools it needs to fight corruption. That is fundamental, ”he emphasized. The BE chairman also said that this was “not hot legislation”, not least because “it is a discussion that has been going on in Parliament since 2007” and on that note said that “it is not hot, it is late”.

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