Parliament rejects proposals on tax identification and transparency taxation

Parliament on Thursday rejected the CDS-PP and PAN bills on the identification, transparency and justification of fees for taxpayers and their advertising on online platforms, which also provided for the elimination of unjustified fees.

In the draft law that he submitted – which “failed” with the vote against PS, PCP, PEV, the abstention of BE and the unregistered deputy Joacine Katar Moreira and the positive vote of the others, the CDS-PP proposed a Solution that would make it possible to identify and publish all the fees currently being levied and to judge whether or not their existence was justified.

The centrists wanted the creation of a dedicated section on the ePortugal website that could include all fees for the provision of services by public entities or public service concessionaires. The CDS-PP proposal also required the government to evaluate the counterparts of all fees and eliminate those that are not justified.

The PAN bill also proposed a similar and timed measure that included creating transparency mechanisms for the fees levied by the state and local authorities through exhaustive identification of these taxes in online portals for public access at the state and local level. .

The diploma, rejected with a vote against the PS and the abstention of PSD, PCP, PEV and votes for the rest, also saw the creation of a working group for an in-depth study of the “national rates” that are in force in Portugal which makes it possible to evaluate the counterparts associated with the collection of each of the existing fees and to identify those to which no counterpart is assigned. “

MPs also rejected a draft law for the Greens, on which the PS voted against and the PSD, Chega and IL abstained, according to which users should no longer pay municipal fees for rights of way and underground occupation. Ecologists suggested that the collection of these fees should be collected from incumbents and not passed on to users.

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