In Cerveira, the former fire station will be the new place for culture and innovation, Vila Nova de Cerveira

In Vila Nova de Cerveira there is a logic of “networking” in the series of works that are part of the municipality’s urban regeneration action plan, which are starting now and foreseen for the near future. Part of this reconfiguration is taking place in the middle of the village. The Cineteatro is already working in the old voluntary fire station, the main facade of which is characterized by the eight-meter-high mural reminiscent of the sculptor José Rodrigues. But this space will host even more culture and innovation.

These are the two words registered in the name of the building that in its entirety will occupy the old barracks. It is therefore a requalification that will lead to the future development of culture and innovation of Vila Nova de Cerveira. The president of this parish, Fernando Nogueira, advises the PUBLIC that the work will start “at the end of April or beginning of May”. The contract for the contract was signed last Tuesday. This corresponds to an investment of 1 million euros. The contract has ERDF funding through the North 2020 Operational Program and is just waiting for a “green light” from the Court of Auditors, where it has already followed the evaluation documentation. Fernando Nogueira predicts that the work will be completed “by the end of the year”.

The “poor state of preservation in which the general public of the building is” requires “profound reconstruction of the interior”, as can be read in a declaration by the city council. With this requalification, rooms for “cultural, recreational and club purposes” are to be guaranteed on the upper floor, in which “a multi-purpose hall” will be housed, explains the mayor. Despite all of these (and other) changes that follow “a functional and aesthetically pleasing concept”, “the unique properties” of the old barracks will not be removed.

On the other hand, there are services and structures that change their homes to live in this space. This is the case with the municipal services for social intervention and social action, which will be installed on the ground floor of the former fire station. The buildings in which these services were located next to the elementary and secondary school in Vila Nova de Cerveira had to be “cleared” due to the requalification of the existing school grounds. This is “another destination for the community”: the school, a municipal sports pavilion and a “building for music and art” are concentrated “on one block”. The requalification of the school, according to Fernando Nogueira, could begin “at the end of May”. It is the second phase of the project (the first “lighter” one focused on asbestos removal) and represents an investment of 1.2 million euros.

The city library will also be relocated – and of course occupy the building for culture and innovation. For the mayor of the municipality, the property on which the library is located is “very beautiful”, “but not functional”. So there is already a future for Solar dos Castros that follows the thread of reusing spaces: the will of the community is to re-qualify them for the installation of the Museu da Bienal de Cerveira.

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