The view of the wall | review

To get to the Solar Gallery in the heart of Vila do Conde, you need to take the metro line that connects Porto to Póvoa de Varzim under the high rock arches of a ruined aqueduct. The secular structure, now museographed, tears the city apart like a discontinuous scar from another time when monumentality and functionality went hand in hand. The exhibition by João Nisa, shown in the aforementioned gallery entitled First First Impressions of a Landscape, consists of a series of video projections: fixed plans of landscapes taken from another aqueduct, Águas Livres, on the outskirts of Lisbon. That these pictures traveled more than 300 kilometers to show themselves together with a distant stone cousin is just a curiosity. The images conjured up by João Nisa for the exhibition are, however, taken over by a number of paradoxes – by no means cumbersome – which can be described as ontological (and also anthological), since here the summary of a visual thought about the nature of photo / video graphics ). These contradictions raise an essential question: after all, what is an image?

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