The funeral of Jorge Coelho will take place on Saturday death

The funeral of Jorge Coelho, who died on Wednesday afternoon in Figueira da Foz, will take place next Saturday in Mangualde, the birthplace of the former minister of António Guterres. Until then, the body of the socialist can be veiled in the Basilica da Estrela, where a mass will be held at a time to be defined. On April 15, the Viseu Chamber will propose a vote of condolence for the death of the country’s son at the session.

Jorge Coelho’s sudden death at the age of 66 occurred while visiting a house in Figueira da Foz. The commander of the local volunteer firefighters confirmed to the PUBLIC that the businessman was already in cardiac arrest when the company arrived on the scene.

Since then, several friends of the PS and other parties expressed their dismay, paid tribute to Jorge Coelho and remembered moments in the life of the politician who became known as the “PS bulldozer”.

This Thursday the Viseu Municipality issued a note deeply regretting the death, saying that “its sudden disappearance makes the region and the country poorer” and highlights the Mangualdense naturalness of Jorge Coelho, who “embraced himself as an inevitable figure has in the region and in the district of Viseu ”.

The National Association of Municipal Assemblies (ANAM) also lamented the former minister’s death, highlighting his “exemplary career” in political life and his “fundamental role” in strengthening local power. with Lusa

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