Letters to the director’s opinion

The slowness of justice

It is common to hear that justice in court is slow to be exercised and that the powerful are privileged. Examples are the processes of Operation Marquês and BES. After prosecution, they are led by the Criminal Investigating Judge, who hears the defense and decides if there is enough evidence to bring the case to court. Classes last for years and years, however, as there are always valid arguments to postpone the deadlines. Then there are appeals to higher courts, there is unconstitutionality of the evidence, there are procedural errors, there are excuses and years go by without the cases being decided.

For Operation Marquis, its final decision is not expected to be made until 2036. In 15 years. How is it possible to continue to have such trivial and mediocre justice?

José Pinto, Lisbon


Another nice text by Maria João Marques in PUBLIC yesterday. I had the right to be on the front page these days. In the mid-21st century, the way workers and emigrants are treated is scandalous. I remember a little (but real) story that happened there in the mountains of my Beira. One day they found a robbed chapel and the thieves put the picture of the saint outside with the following saying: “The poor do not have it, the rich do not give it, the saints will pay for it”. In this case it is not the saint, but Mr. Jeff Bezos, who lives at the expense of thousands of exploited people who are treated worse than the slaves of Spártacus. Keep fighting, Maria João Marques. Congratulations.

Borges Simão, Torres Novas

Let’s introduce ourselves

Let us imagine that a government by Passos Coelho or something similar and a President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio or something similar were in office. Imagine that in times of the health and social pandemic, Parliament passed a law that extends temporary social assistance, increases public spending on what appears to be manageable levels, and meets an effective and equitable social need. The PR approved the law and the government denied it, citing the formal unconstitutionality of the process. The same government that buries billions in a TAP.

Let’s say the government was on the right and the PR on the left. Is there any wager that the same people who tear their clothes today for strict constitutional compliance would tear their clothes against the social insensitivity of the “neoliberals”? Make a bet? How, instead of judging by reason, reasonableness and fairness in the broadest sense, are positions taken simply through tribal alignment? Then you find it strange that there is no longer patience to put up with “the usual”.

Carlos JF Sampaio, Esposende

Next generation – lost?

The recent controversy over the braking standard has made me feel strange that I am trying to align myself with the interpretation that all constitutionalists have given the case. And then to me, who is committed to defending the fundamental values, namely the constitution. Without entering into the discussion that the government never exhausts the total budgeted expenditure by way of capture, which is difficult for the execution of the laws that violate this norm, to increase the total expenditure, there would always be the possibility in ” Despair of those affected “to approve a change budget. It would be necessary to have the political will of the government to apply the social assistance laws, as has also been done in the recent past. As always, the “flags” contain economic indices, even in a very serious pandemic situation. It seems that Germany (we know the situation is hardly comparable) as a percentage of GDP directly supported its economy more than twice as much as Portugal and “invested” around four times more in terms of liquidity support. The budget deficit recorded in Portugal in 2020 was little more than half the budget deficit recorded in the euro area. We can speak of the “next generation EU” project, but I fear that we will have to call it “lost” for “internal consumption”.

José A. Rodrigues, Vila Nova de Gaia

Still the heritage scratch card

It costs to understand the controversy surrounding the creation of the Heritage scratch card. Talking so much about heritage restoration, I think the creation of this new modality is very good. France has two editions of this game of chance. While in detention, traffic was allowed to buy social games. Where were the critics of these modalities? I prefer to fund asset restoration through the Cultural Heritage Protection Fund than funding those who do not want to work through Social Security. If the number of addicts in social games increases, stop all of the social games advertised by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

Ademar Costa, Póvoa de Varzim

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