Ernesto de Sousa, an energy of action and thought that has not disappeared from culture

100 years. On April 18, Ernesto de Sousa (Lisbon, 1921–1988) would be one hundred years old. Reason for celebrations, reunions and talks at a time when the energy that animated the artist, curator and writer seems so weak for various reasons. In order to renew it and shortly before an eventful program, PÚBLICO spoke to personalities whose lives are still illuminated by the artist’s thoughts and actions. You will help us map the centenary space while bringing back a legacy that has never faded. Start Programming Associação Vera Appleton in Lisbon: Starting this Thursday and through the 22nd, you will become Revolution My Body No. 2, one of Ernesto de Sousa’s pioneering projects, and presents his fascinating and delicate stamp collection. On April 16 and 22, Rafael Toral and Pedro Sousa’s concerts will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. in the club’s Garagem room, which is dedicated to the musical program. The cycle also ends on the 18th with a podcast and a more intimate intervention around Revolution My Body No. two.

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