Covid-19: FPF provides associations and clubs with over 1.4 million euros for national football

The Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) has provided more than 1.4 million euros to help mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. This money is intended for district and regional associations and will be distributed to the clubs that applied for the fund launched in February to support associations and clubs with a view to Covid-19.

The aid program, with a total value of two million euros, which is partly forfeited and partly used as a loan, was launched to help national and regional competition clubs that were forced to cease their activities due to the pandemic.

The distribution of the fund values ​​began on March 19 with the delivery of around 200,000 euros to three associations (Beja, Coimbra and Guarda), from which a further 13 are now benefiting for 1.4 million euros.

Associations in Porto with 333,750 euros, Braga with 172,250 euros, Aveiro with 158,000 euros, Leiria with 150,250 euros, Setúbal with 116,250 euros and Santarém with 107,750 euros received the largest targets. Algarve and Lisbon will shortly collect the requested amounts.

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