The Ministry of Culture eases the rules for access to emergency cultural policy

In a decree published this Wednesday, the Ministry of Culture (MC) is expanding access to extraordinary social assistance of 438.81 euros for self-employed who have their Economic Code (CAE) or IRS (CIRS) in culture at any time in 2020. provided they have it at the time of the request.

Therefore, it is no longer necessary to have CAE in Culture no later than January 1, 2020, as required by the regulation of February 15 last year, which has now been modified to meet the needs of the sector that has the large Number of professionals criticized who were excluded from these supports.

Graça Fonseca had already promised the flexibility of this access criterion after the meeting that she held a week ago with representative structures of the sector. They consider this change to be insufficient and even defend all self-employed who provide services in the culture. If the respective PPAs correspond to other areas of activity, these should be covered.

The MC did not accept this claim and instead chose to support those who, even after the start of the pandemic, had decided to change their CAE and identify themselves as cultural professionals from a tax perspective. “Due to an absolutely exceptional situation, we added a new criterion in granting this support, as the Ministry of Culture, as always, listened to the sector and acted accordingly, increasing the flexibility of the support, which was already very much in line with the reality of the Sector. Sector, ”Graça Fonseca’s office told PUBLIC.

A second change to the rules has now also made it possible for candidates for this support to be occasionally employed by someone sometime in 2020, provided they are exclusively self-employed at the time of the application.

The MC also said it would reevaluate all requests for extraordinary assistance in March and that all those who would have been excluded would not have been excluded without the new rules that were already in place, with the related assistance being considered become month., in addition to qualifying for April and May. While the MC cannot re-evaluate unsuccessful applications, the measure appears to be a relative injustice for those who meet the current criteria but did not compete for March’s support for the correct interpretation and implementation of the previous regulation that they would be excluded.

As Graça Fonseca had already announced in mid-March, the new regulation, in addition to fixing the allocation of social assistance in the amount of 438.81 euros, also in April and May – initially a single payment was planned in March – also increased the amounts of funding to a certain extent in certain sectors . The Museum Support Program of the Portuguese Museum Network – ProMuseus will have one million euros, compared to the 600,000 euros foreseen in the previous regulation. Small and medium-sized bookstores and publishers will total 1.2 million euros (600,000 were foreseen) and the amount that the regional directorates of culture pledged to support non-professional artistic institutions, which was set at 407 thousand euros in February now increased to 1 million and 107 thousand euros.

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