Jorge Coelho: a “charismatic politician”, a “friend”, a “power of democracy” photo gallery

Jorge Coelho, a former minister and socialist leader, died this afternoon on Wednesday 7 April at the age of 66 in a room in Figueira da Foz as a result of a sudden illness. Jorge Coelho, Minister in two of António Guterres’ governments, was definitely linked to the fall of the Entre-os-Rios Bridge, which led him to resign, claiming that “guilt cannot die unmarried”.

Politicians, ex-politicians and others who met Jorge Coelho remember him as a “charismatic politician” as the former PSD leader Luís Marques Mendes said, but above all as a friend and comrade, as António said, Costa, Carlos César (PS President) and António José Seguro (former PS General Secretary).

Ferro Rodrigues recalled Jorge Coelho as “a force of democracy, horsepower, coziness, compassion, good treatment, fun” and as a “political machine” and “great sports linguist”.

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