“Dragons” do not reach the “quarters” of champions | Handball

The offensive failure of a performance far below FC Porto against the Danes from Aalborg (27-24) in the second leg this Wednesday cost the “dragons” their first appearance in the quarter-finals of the handball Champions League.

The Porto players tried to reach the “quarters” of the most important competition of the clubs of the modality, but in the Jutlander Bank Arena Aalborg the technical failures and the lack of inspiration in the attack led to a loss against the same three goals difference from the first leg 29), with the Nordics benefiting from the greater number of goals scored away to keep going.

Magnus Andersson’s team had everything from the start to shoot the goalscorer on Danish soil, but they sinned a lot in the offensive chapter, mainly in the definition of the games and when it was time to finish.

If the attack at Porto was unrecognizable, then the defense of six defenders was more correct and it was goalkeeper Nikola Mitrevski with a total of 15 defenders who gave security and advice that he could save the team if necessary, most.

The Nordic team only scored the first goal of the meeting in the seven minutes from Sebastian Barthold and a free kick of seven meters after Diogo Branquinho, Victor Iturriza and Rui Silva “burst” in a nice shot in support of the Lusos before they im Attack sinned, a situation that Aalborg was able to exploit in the 16th minute to level the game and even control it (5-4).

While the Macedonian goalkeeper filled the net, André Gomes and Fábio Magalhães showed themselves confident in the first shots to at least master the three-goal advantage from Portugal.

Bad passes, attacking fouls and one or the other violation of the area have even brought FC Porto to a tangential disadvantage (10: 9), which was recorded at halftime.

The misunderstanding between the two teams reappeared in the second 30 minutes and enabled Mitrevski and his counterpart Simon Gade, author of another 15 defenses, to shine and put on a show on goal.

In the last 15 minutes the quick attacks and even some knockdowns started with goal-to-goal shots on both sides, but FC Porto, when it looked like Aalborg might go down after two or three goals, managed to cancel that Opponent and score in the created opportunities.

The Danes, commanded by center-back Felix Claar and full-back Henrik Møllgaard Jensen, led two goals for the first time and were on the verge of eliminating the Portuguese side when blue and white coach Magnus Andersson came on in a seven-on-six attacking system .

Lusos and Nordic “opened” the defense and the last moments were very controversial. Aalborg believed more and reached the difference of three goals (26-23) after also benefiting from the central waste of the point António Areia, who failed a decisive free kick from seven meters and another well-framed shot, seconds after the doorbell rang “Horn”.

In the “quarters”, Aalborg meets the Germans from Flensburg-Handewitt, who continued after the cancellation of the draw with RK Zagreb due to cases of the new corona virus in the Croatian team.

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