UEFA is suspending Kudela while raising allegations of racism against Rangers-Slavia | reviews international football

UEFA suspended Slavia Prague footballer Ondrej Kudela on Tuesday while investigating allegations of racism made by Glasgow Rangers in the Europa League challenge.

The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Committee is investigating the case on March 18 to assess a potential disciplinary violation reported by the Scottish club following the Glasgow second leg that dictated its removal from the Test.

It is about alleged insults of racist content that Kudela Kamara will have uttered in the ear, who reacted immediately and denounced the fact “deliberately and deliberately” to the arbitration team and his companions.

Kudela and Slavia Praga denied the allegations, and the club even said their athlete was hit with multiple blows to the head after the Kamara game, in front of coach Steven Gerrard and UEFA officials.

“I’m angry. I know Glen and I trust him 100%. The Slavia player caused this and something has to be decided quickly, but that’s up to me. Whatever happens, I’m on Glen’s side,” said Rangers- Coach Steven Gerrard shortly after the end of the game and after asking Slavia’s counterpart Jindrich Tripisovsky for explanations.

Kudela made it clear that his comment was in response to tougher entries from the Rangers athletes, which resulted in two expulsions.

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