“Courage today, hugs tomorrow”. This is the motto for Lisbon to celebrate the month of freedom April 25th

Lisbon will return to celebrate the month of freedom. EGEAC – Cultura em Lisboa, an organization responsible for managing many cultural spaces and organizing city festivals and other cultural moments, with a special program to celebrate April. Through various events throughout the month with a focus on cultural animation, music, theater, cinema and reading, the “Abril em Lisboa” program aims to give new meaning to the message of the women held by PIDE during the dictatorship – “Courage today embraces tomorrow”.

The organization’s website states: “At a time when the pandemic is restricting contacts and conditions, the message“ Courage today, hugs tomorrow ”takes on a new meaning.” As such, this program is a reminder of that courage and hope so that “we are inspired by the resistance, the hope that better days come, keep alive”. The organization will make appropriate adjustments and precautions so that all events can take place safely.

The “Abril em Lisboa” program, in collaboration with the Museu do Aljube, will carry out various cultural initiatives both in person and online. The month of April, also known as the month of freedom in Portugal due to the revolution of April 25, 1974, is celebrated with lots of music, reading and film routes, among other things.

On April 24th the program with revolutionary fados and intervention songs is on the program, with the concert Nostalgia e Utopia by Manuel João Vieira. The event will be streamed from the Capitol at 9:30 p.m. on Lisbon City Council social networks and EGEAC. In the statement, the organization highlights “an unprecedented show with several invited musicians that takes us on an emotional musical journey”.

In addition to music, the program also reserves space for literature. “Abril em Lisboa” includes two readings by the Ecotemporaneous Community on the agenda, which take place on two Saturdays a month in the Lisbon Museum – Palácio Pimenta. On April 10th, Mamadou Ba, activist and leader of SOS Racismo, will be there as a special guest. On the 17th the session will be attended by actress Beatriz Batarda.

The cinema also has space. On three weekends in April, the geographer Aquilino Machado is promoting a digital itinerary to get to know “The cinemas and other meeting places of Avenida Almirante Reis: an emotional reminder of the resistance to the Estado Novo” with a journey through cultural life and one of them the main streets of the city that went beyond the dictatorial regime of the country.

The theater is also highlighted by the documentary film Amores na Clandestinidade by André Amálio and Tereza Havlícková, which premieres online on the 16th of this month at 7:00 p.m. The play, which examines the affective and family relationships in the anti-fascist struggle, will always be shown at the same time until April 21st.

Pictures from the concert Nostalgia e Utopia by Manuel João Vieira

In the Aljube Museum, the “Abril em Lisboa” program commemorates the Carnation Revolution through a selection of drawings, prints and paintings by the painter Júlio Pomar. An exhibition entitled “8998 Pomar”.

In addition, there will be a conversation with Margarida Tengarrinha at the Museu do Aljube about her book Memórias de uma Falsificadora and a piece based on the same work. There will also be a Peddy Paper for a visit to the museum’s permanent exhibition and a concert with the musician Rogério Charraz and the composer João Monge from the album Cantigas do Maio by Zeca Afonso.

“In the month of freedom, we continue to celebrate it despite the constraints,” affirmed the note sent to the press by EGEAC. According to the organization, all events are “free entry and access” and more information can be found at Kulturanarua.pt.

Text edited by Ana Fernandes

Play “Amores na Clandestinidade” by André Amálio and Tereza Havlícková

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