Allegations against Luís Filipe Vieira in one of the BPN-related cases | public ministry

Benfica President Luís Filipe Vieira saw the charges of qualified fraud, document forgery and money laundering in one of the BPN-related proceedings under the filing order to which the Lusa agency had access.

The “red” manager held 80% of the shares and headed the Inland group, which benefited from a loan from BPN of 17.4 million euros to finance a capital increase in the real estate fund BPN Real Estate.

According to this March 30 document, signed by Prosecutors Inês Bonina and Pedro Roque, there is “insufficient evidence of the crime” by the defendants Luís Filipe Vieira and José Manuel Gouveia, Administrator of Inland.

“It will be a compelling conclusion that the evidence presented does not lead to sufficient evidence that Luís Filipe Vieira and José Manuel Gouveia were aware of and gave their consent to their actions in relation to the funding provided by BPN to the Transibérica administrator . “

In this sense, the prosecutors point out that it has only been proven “that the defendant Manuel Armindo Duarte, who took advantage of his proximity to everyone involved, acted as a link between the Inland group, Luís Filipe Vieira, José de Oliveira and Costa and Manuel Rein Round to create a relationship of trust and a belief that everyone’s interests are taken into account. “

“With regard to the defendant Luís Filipe Vieira, the only evidence that can prove that he knew the specific contours of the facts, that he consented and participated in it, is reduced to the fact that he made the majority of the capital of inland and practice Until today you have the position of chairman of the board of directors of the group with a casting vote and the allocation of the financial portfolio ”, it says in the registration order.

The Central Ministry of Investigation and Criminal Justice admits “a reasonable doubt” and states that it is “not filled with evidence that requires filing of the file”.

The lawsuit dates back to 2009, the date BPN was nationalized, when the bank’s management denounced to prosecutors that this Vieira-owned company benefited from a BPN loan to Transibérica, a Spanish company owned by a former domestic administrator was looking at the acquisition of shares in the former Sociedade Lusa de Negócios (SLN), the then owner of BPN.

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