Ten good reasons to subscribe to PUBLIC with one click

Unlimited access to all articles

Those who subscribe to PUBLIC have unrestricted access to the best coverage of today given in times of the pandemic, to the most pluralistic opinion of the Portuguese press, namely to all texts read only to subscribers, to detailed works that the PUBLIC differ from the competition, reports, videos, podcasts, infographics and other important formats to understand the country and the world. Every day we publish more than a hundred texts on a diverse and diverse website. You can read the great reports from P2, follow the cosmopolitan trends from P3 and the cultural trends from ipsilon, the feel-good suggestions from Ímpar, the suggestions for tours, gastronomy and wines from Fugas, the films and series that you cannot miss Cinecartaz, what you read in readings and how you literally relax in Relaxar, by the way.

Lecture of the print edition

If you subscribe to PUBLIC, you can read the printed edition in the early hours of the morning in the e-reader format that we have just renewed and released. In this case, it is not a simple, static PDF that reproduces the pagination of the edition distributed at kiosks, but a new form of digital use of the newspaper with interactive content (audio, video and photo galleries), on which as a whole can be accessed devices. With the e-reader edition you can save articles, view previous editions, create lists of favorites and share them. Readers can temporarily choose which format to read your newspaper in. Whoever signs reads the PUBLIC first.

Free or discounted access to events

In times of pandemic we cannot be defeated by distance. We are digitally closer to the readers: We have created the Ao Vivo platform on which we organize debates, workshops, concerts and the PÚBLICO Academy and offer online courses in cooperation with various universities. All events have special conditions for subscribers to the newspaper (free access or discounts) as our subscribers deserve the front row.

Exclusive access to multimedia works

Quality information has its price. The works of the newspaper of digital excellence are a privilege, be it the interactive pages that offer the reader more innovative navigation experiences or the award-winning works of data journalism. This multi-team work, designed exclusively for the web, adds quality to the information we publish seven days a week.

Access to all digital infographics

The most important digital infographics from PÚBLICO, which are awarded annually in international competitions, are exclusively for subscribers. Every day the newspaper publishes on its website infographics on topics related to the development of Covid-19 or the rate of evolution of vaccinations in Portugal and around the world. However, PÚBLICO’s infographics tell many other stories: How a president of the USA is elected or where they come from and where the funding from Europe is going.

Offer articles to anyone who wants

The PUBLIC subscriber can offer an unlimited number of articles to anyone he wants each month, regardless of whether the recipient is a subscriber to the newspaper or not. This is one of the news that we offer to the subscriber: choose and offer the articles, opinions, videos or multimedia works that you know your friends or family will be happy to receive.

Access to digital games

You have five games available to play on your computer, phone or tablet: crossword, chess, bridge, sudoku or puzzle. PÚBLICO’s digital crosswords, the first in the Portuguese online press, are based on the newspaper’s own news and written by: Paulo Freixinho, the best cruciverbalista in the country. PÚBLICO uses the same platform as newspapers such as The Washington Post or The Guardian.

Exclusive access to e-books

The Chronicle of the Pandemic by João Maria Mendes, an account of our first months of life with the Covid-19, was the first e-book we put on our bookshelf. A digital shelf that is constantly updated so that our readers have more to read than the daily news and in which we collect a range of timeless works. Subscribers can browse this bookshelf of e-books with essays by Teresa de Sousa and Jorge Almeida Fernandes, chronicles by Miguel Esteves Cardoso, or a collection of four books on World War I.

Enjoy discounts in the P Store and P Club

If you subscribe to P .BLICO, you will receive a 15 percent discount on all PÚBLICO collections, be it literature, photography, comics, science, history, music, cinema or even when purchasing wines. You can take advantage of online discounts in our Loja P or in the store in Edifício Diogo Cão in Doca de Alcântara in Lisbon. Subscribing to PÚBLICO also guarantees entry to Clube P, which offers discounts and exclusive experiences in a network of 250 partners across the country.

Simple and instant subscription

Subscribing to the digital PUBLIC is now just a click away. We have created a new annual product of 99.99 euros for new subscribers, with which you not only have no advertising format, but also link someone else to your subscription. It’s the easiest way to choose the subscription mode that’s right for you. You can opt for the digital signature to sign the online and print edition together, for a business solution, to propose it as a gift or to offer it as a gift. And you can do it even on more favorable terms if you are a student. For those who cannot currently afford to read PUBLIC, we have developed PSuperior, which is aimed at young university students (see here if your course is eligible) and PSolidário (digital signatures for those who have suddenly been unemployed). There are only good reasons to read PUBLIC. If in doubt, talk to us.

Think carefully, subscribe to PUBLIC.

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