Palmas farewell to the Mayor of Viseu | Viseu

Viseu took to the streets of the city with greater focus on Rossio, applauding the final tribute to the mayor, whose body ran through several arteries of the city between the hospital and the cemetery.

“A deep tribute to a friend, a good man who fought for his country, for the values ​​of decentralization, democracy and the development of a country he believed in. In the 20 years that I have been in close contact, I have always maintained a loyal, constructive partner who always looked to the future, ”said the Minister of Internal Administration.

Eduardo Cabrita, who was present at Praça da República, aka Rossio, where the ballot box paused for a minute’s silence in front of the town hall, recalled the mayor’s political trip and the meetings they had, even though they were in different party positions “Always very close”.

“Until a few weeks ago, we always exchanged news and looked at the projects, which were always many,” and what he defended for “the future of this region and the city of Viseu,” the minister told reporters.

Territorial Cohesion Minister Ana Abrunhosa admitted to being in Rossio “to pay homage as friend and governor”, taking into account the “privilege of working with Almeida Henriques for many years” and remembering the time when he was his was State Secretary (she chairs the centre’s regional coordination and development commission).

“Unfortunately, it’s another loss from this pandemic, and I want to share a consideration: it’s worth having these demagogic discussions that we are having, namely about the mayors who are responsible for the civil protection of their communities, regardless of whether they are there are or not should be vaccinated. “Said Ana Abrunhosa.

And he added: “In a time of real war, we often lose time and opportunity to discuss what is important and we spend this time discussing uselessness,” he claimed, wishing that Almeida would be the successor Henrique’s “Viseu continues to be the best city to live in”.

Ana Abrunhosa recalled that “he was a man of family and passions in public and private life” and therefore he presented his tribute to because “he was a man who knew how to build bridges like few others, and who did Proof is that people are here from all political sides ”.

“My public homage to Almeida Henriques, who has dedicated a large part of his life to public service (…) and in everything that has happened makes us think that we have to obey the rules” because “this disease is extraordinary dangerous, “said the President of the PSD.

Rui Rio warned “again the Portuguese people” against the “observance of the rules and individual behavior” by everyone, remembering that today the country has “reached the limit of the so-called” R “, the value one and from here is one red line ”And that is why the country is“ anything but peaceful ”.

The Secretary of State for Sport, João Paulo Rebelo, Viseense and non-executive councilor of the opposition, did not hide in the first term of Almeida Henriques in the Chamber of Viseu the “special position” and the “immense dismay” with which he was in Rossio and recalled the political developments of both over the years, “especially in the last year in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

João Paulo Rebelo believed that “all Viseenses mourn, regardless of their political and party political options”.

The urn that drove through the town in an old convertible from the firefighters of Sapadores de Viseu followed Rossio, full of mayors and other public figures, to the Abraveses cemetery, where President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was expected for a private ceremony. then a funeral mass that was not present in Viseu Cathedral at 6.30 p.m.

The mayor of Viseu, António Almeida Henriques, died this Sunday at the age of 59 from complications from respiratory diseases as a result of Covid-19. The social democratic mayor was diagnosed with Covid-19 in early March when he was admitted to the Hospital de São Teotónio in Viseu. The Viseu parish had three days of mourning up to this Tuesday.

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