Here is the first news of the struggles of the cinema | movie theater

Here are the first announcements for the reopening of the theaters, slated for April 19th: Medeia Films, exhibitor for producer and distributor Paulo Branco, announced this morning the program that will fill Cinema Nimas’ screens in the second half of April . Nimas is the first room to announce the reopening plan – none of the remaining exhibition circles or independent rooms have yet announced their plans for their April 19th return.

In this second phase of the lack of definition, the Lisbon area – with ideal, the only “street spaces” in the capital that are not integrated into multiplexes – will be presented by Chloé Zhao from Monday the 19th Nomadland – Survive in America. The film, nominated by Frances McDormand for six Oscars, which was nominated after winning the Golden Lion in Venice 2020, will share the screen of Nimas with Undine by the German Christian Petzold (Phoenix), who should have its premiere in January, but whose career is due an interruption was set to worsen the pandemic and a cycle dedicated to director Joseph Losey (1909-1984).

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