Rúben Amorim says Sporting | there is no “dazzling” football

Sporting coach Rúben Amorim ruled out any scenario this Sunday in which the players were blinded in the preview of the 25th round game against Moreirense, which he considered a “very good team”.

“There is no fear at all. Dazzling? The players have to be aware that this changes from one moment to the next, ”said the coach of the“ Löwen ”at the press conference at the Estádio José Alvalade.

When Rúben Amorim was asked to analyze the Moreira de Cónegos group’s behavior this season against the “big ones”, in which he has already given Benfica trouble, he expressed the expectation of a “daring” Moreirense.

However, the coach reminded that “every game has its story” and that the main indicator comes from the first round game in Lisbon when it caused “a lot of problems” even though Sporting was “superior” and won 2-1.

“The focus is on Moreirense. The peace of mind they have allows them to master these games in a different way without any pressure from the points. It’s difficult to win at Moreirense, but it was also at Tondela, who came out of five straight wins, and we did it. In the last game we showed a different path and we want to improve the team further, ”he emphasized.

After an interruption of the championship for the national team games, the coach “Leonino” did not hesitate to describe these two weeks of work as “good”, especially in the observation of young players and the intensification of the training pace of the remaining players in the club.

“We lost a lot of players to the national teams and are a little ‘unfocused’, but it’s always important to come back, understand the Sporting moment and remember our dynamic as a team. They are all available and have to win again, ”he said.

Last season, Sporting missed 10 points in the last few games, but Rúben Amorim said he feared no recurrence of the situation and noted that “the championships are completely different”. And by the same phrase, the coach countered any pressure that had arisen from the triumph of FC Porto the day before (2-1 against Santa Clara).

“The pressure is always the same. We have already had phases when we were under more pressure, like at the beginning of the season. We’re a more experienced team now, the pressure always increases a little at the end of the season, but we’re prepared, ”he said.

With regard to the propagated interest of several top European football emblems in the young team Nuno Mendes, 18 years old, the coach of the “Lions” played with this idea and emphasized above all the calm of Sporting in the face of harassment.

“Nuno Mendes is not ready to leave this year or the next. Maybe in five years (laughs). We want to keep the best, but the market has laws. We know we have to sell, but the idea doesn’t go away. He has a high clause, he’s happy here, so there are no concerns. We’re calm about that, ”he concluded.

Sporting, the leader of the I-Liga with 64 points, visits Moreirense in eighth place with 30 points in the game that will conclude the 25th round on Monday from 9 p.m. at Parque Desportivo Comendador Joaquim de Almeida Freitas in Moreira de Cónegos, in a match negotiated by João Pinheiro from the Braga Association.

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