Pandemic as an Opportunity Opinion

About a month and a half ago, Manuel Carvalho wrote an editorial in PUBLIC entitled “The Crisis Has Been Covered With A Shrug”. In this text, fatigue is seen as the cause of the negligence with which the state and / or government treat “an economic fabric that has been destroyed by almost a year of pandemic”. The search for solutions and the editorial put an end to the author’s wish that “the government must be energetic and determined” and may find the cause of a cultural, social and economic turnaround in the pandemic that upsets Portuguese out of indifference and Inability to live or survive in difficult times as it is today.

In contrast to the difficult times we have been through, such as decolonization, the integration of returnees or the bankruptcies of the state coffers, which have forced us to seek outside assistance in order to recall recent facts, the pandemic is traversing the world horizontal and encompasses rich and poor, with or without a past, opening deep wounds in a stalled Europe in which we live and are unable to embark on a solid path to resolve the health and economic-social crisis.

What happened or is happening to vaccines, advances and retreats, dances and against political and financial dances, credible opinions or almost, justifies the shock that the European conviction of the Portuguese had. It is clear that the integration of Portugal appears in Europe as a path of no return. This is the open door piggy bank we resort to when a political / ideological minority in the district experiences a new invention that is doomed to fail.

Inside, our little story of vaccines can serve as a reflection. Such was the exemplary demonstration of the ineptitude and ideological fanaticism of those who thought of solving the health crisis by taking away knowledge over time. With the divine help that the Portuguese likes so much, he certainly took control of the boat in charge, a war with multiple battles, the challenge of achieving group immunity.

It seems easy to accept the “chance” in this referral with tangible results, an “opportunity” that does not hide merit, which is secondary in our social experience where friendships and thanks for favors in evaluating the curriculum for Leadership candidates are preferred.

Since the Portuguese existence is an imitation of the European concept, possibly due to the structural dependency we have on the outside, we are used to overcoming the fragility and impotence of difficult times with occasional solutions and realigning the perception of our idyllic and narcissistic images in an approach to the reality that we are. We like to reflect, discuss hypotheses and teachings, we love the sound of words, the semantics of language, the uselessness of beautiful phrases. However, despite the inertia to work-related measures, we have acquired skills and used the pandemic as an opportunity to export humanism and cultural freedom in exchange for the very high financial blessings Europe has for us.

We have lived with a mask for a long time, we are used to confusing the Renaissance empire that we were with the reality that we are and extol a sick megalomania, a phenotype that accompanies us. At that time, D. Manuel showed himself on his walks through Lisbon with a rhinoceros and four elephants; Nowadays the difference is not great as the amateurs go for a walk in the Porsche.

It is this range of choices that can allow us to choose our destinies, forget about selfishness and envy, narrow the gap that separates an exhausted minority in political-ideological beliefs and an aseptic and fearful people. If we are able to get out of the lethargy, unite, choose brotherhood and the collective good as priorities, then we are on the right track to export emotions, cultures of different colors and embraces of humanism and contribute to the good of other group Europeans themselves in families of computers in search of efficiency and success. Learning and teaching in a legitimate exchange of values ​​can be the recognition of our reality and meaning.

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