Marcelo and Costa’s popularity is increasing, but the confidence in the president is much higher PUBLIC

The popularity of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister has increased in recent months despite the pandemic. At a time when there is an institutional conflict – because Marcelo issued diplomas in social assistance that Costa sent to the Constitutional Court for violating the law on the state budget – the Prime Minister has a 61% positive rating in the Universe poll, while the head of state reaches 75%. However, the survey’s fieldwork took place between March 24-27 prior to the Costa-Marcelo controversy, and the survey does not reflect perceptions of the conflict.

However, there is one other point in the Aximage barometer that shows the Portuguese have greater confidence in the President in relation to the Prime Minister. When asked whether they have more confidence in Marcelo or António Costa, the barometer participants give Marcelo an overwhelming victory: 52% have more confidence in Marcelo than in Costa; Only 15% prefer Costa over Marcelo. The percentage that the president demands higher demands on the government is also high: 71%.

The poll is also curious: even among the socialist electorate, Marcelo is, if slightly more popular than Costa – 92% of positive ratings versus 90% of the prime minister’s. And in the chapter of trust, the socialist electorate also prefers Marcelo to Costa: 35% trust the head of state more, 30% trust the head of government.

The government’s popularity also rises compared to the February barometer: 55% positive ratings.

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