Depression and Anxiety: The Other Boat Megaphone

The gangster is null to enter one of the “my illness is worse than yours”. I leave that to those who have love and attachment to the hypochondriac process.

It is true that those suffering from mental illness can experience the worsening of their symptoms in this context of containment, see their symptoms exacerbated by an endless number of situations, and given the hasty and summary judgments of the time, I can speak at will and write because I have lived and still live with depression. Every day.

A few years ago, I had difficulty doing tasks that were as common as getting out of bed in the morning or getting dressed. I thought, or the big black cloud often made me think: “What for?”. I woke up tired, followed the day tired, I lay tired, I fell asleep tired, I think I slept tired and so I woke up, everything happened again, in a juggernaut for the mind.

Show what you are feeling without reservation or with the least possible degree of restraint and ask people around you whether you feel any differences in behavior or disposition.

My 2014 habituation to the context of depression was so violent after years of resisting help that it blew my mouth all over me. I am not joking. In addition to the natural effects of assimilation of the drug, there was this very strong contraindication: the teeth began to break (including the front teeth). It was really what I needed given the mood and self-esteem. One thing I’ve learned in the last seven years: Nobody beats depression – it tames itself or it fights.

How scared. They are also invisible (and very dangerous) viruses. We don’t always win because their faces are always on the lookout: in fact, they are part of it, as a negative complement.

How does a depressed and anxious person suffering from post-traumatic stress face a delivery situation? In my case, and as always I write for myself, it went like this: I was not hit by any fear associated with the SARs-CoV-2 virus itself. My concerns were the ones I have already exhibited, as always, but to it comes inherent social isolation and most of all uncertainty about the future in relation to work (with suffering in anticipation of all that awaited me). Be work.

The day is very big, you have to fill in the spaces, otherwise the big black cloud will completely absorb us. Now just multiply by I don’t know how many.

In addition to this picture, there was an accident that worsened, and in what way the panorama. The fear got out of control and very quickly escalated to a feeling of hopelessness and hopelessness for the future. Nothing helped me. I, who is an optimistic guy and, above all, resilient, fell. And yes, because it is necessary to write these things when it is justified without thinking that it is compassion, because admitting weaknesses is in itself a strength too, thoughts of suicide, something I had never seen, looked me in the rearview mirror. It is terrible to feel a burden in the world, or at least to be able to think about the possibility of becoming it.

Now I would like you to imagine as many people as you want and as many as possible how many people are in the same state or at least in similar pictures today. The time bomb is about to burst and believe me, it’s the real pandemic.

I was lucky. There were those who insisted and called me to my senses, and there were also those who diagnosed and treated me. You saved me. What followed, I have (and am) saved (we’ll see how long). There are no miraculous or infallible recipes because every case is different, but for those who feel the scream stuck in their throat and hit their walls, the way to ask for help is: when they don’t feel ready for the time being To go, talk further away with friends, with family, in short, with people close to you: show what you are feeling without reservation, or with the least amount of reluctance possible, and ask those around you if they are Feel differences in behavior or disposition. Accept, be equally receptive so that there is some anticipation without letting shame overwhelm you. Finally, seek professional help. Depression and anxiety are very serious problems. Do not relieve yourself or allow yourself to be walled off / isolated by taboo.

It is necessary to end the prejudices associated with mental illness.

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