The Brazilian singer Agnaldo Timóteo dies at the age of 84 as a victim of covid-19 | song

The Brazilian singer-songwriter Agnaldo Timóteo died this Saturday morning at the age of 84 as a victim of Covid-19. Interned in the Casa São Bernardo Hospital in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro since March 17, his health had deteriorated in the past few days. The singer’s death was announced by his press office in a statement quoted by several Brazilian media outlets: “Agnaldo Timóteo did not withstand the complications of Covid-19 and died today at 10:45 am. We believe Timothy did his best to win and win this fight. Agnaldo Timóteo will live in our hearts forever! “

He was born on October 16, 1936 in Cataringa in the interior of Minas Gerais and began working as a lathe operator at the age of 16. It was at this age that he first appeared in a freshman program to sing. In Belo Horizonte, wherever he moved, he was referred to as “Cauby Mineiro”, based on the romantic singer Cauby Peixoto. It was the singer Angela Maria, whom he heard with joy on the radio as a teenager, who advised him to move to Rio de Janeiro. There he was, according to the Encyclopedia of Brazilian Music (Art editora), “a messenger, a driver, a bureaucratic agent”. It made its debut in 1964, still at 78 revs, with Saturday on the hill and cruel loneliness, with no results.

It wasn’t until he recorded his first LP for Odeon, Surge Um Astro (1965), that his luck began to change and began recording one LP per year. The debut album contained a version of foreign songs like “The House of the Rising Sun” by Animals (re-recorded as “A House of the Rising Sun”) or “Je ne t’aime plus” by Cristophe (translated into “Não amo te mais”) ). Based on romantic singers, Agnaldo did not publish his first composition until 1975: The Gallery of Love. However, his most successful album would be Perdido na Noite, which was released in 1977.

It never stopped. He continued to record and, on the occasion of his 509-year career, released Agnaldo Timóteo 50 Anos na Estrada Asfaltada (Ao Vivo) on CD and DVD in 2015. In 2017 he recorded the album Obrigado, Cauby, in homage to Cauby Peixoto, who died in São Paulo on May 15, 2016, the year he came to the cinemas of the documentary Eu, Pecador, about Agnaldo’s life.

In 2019, the pandemic infected with the new coronavirus and the current hospitalization, Agnaldo Timóteo suffered a stroke while preparing a show inside Bahia. He was hospitalized for two months (59 days) and even considered dead on social networks, a “message” that was immediately rejected. He was still recovering and returned to the stage in December 2019.

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