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Paula Teixeira da Cruz

Paula Teixeira da Cruz, former Minister of Justice of the Passos Coelho government, in her chronicle “A Thousand Years and One Day” on the government’s measures to respond to the pandemic and the democratic life of SARS-Cov-2 in Portugal. I fully agree with the plea, with the exception of the responses on the private sector and the use of masks. It is well known that the private health sector initially did not support the public health sector, and when it proposed it, with unacceptable financial requirements. I also disagree with the use of masks, which, if we recall correctly, not even the World Health Organization had that suggestion. It took us three months to conclude the importance of wearing masks on the public streets. Otherwise, I agree, but the author does not agree with the PSD, which has always voted with the government on the successive renewal of the states of emergency and their respective borders. In this regard, it generally agrees with the only party that has always spoken out against the state of emergency and detention, the PCP. It’s strange, but it’s true.

Mário Pires Miguel, Reboleira

The buoy and the lifesaver

Contrary to what has been observed in our country in most of Europe, the originally approved plan did not include elderly people in the priority vaccination groups, with the exception of those in nursing homes or long-term care units. Those who lived alone or with their families were immediately excluded, with the exception that people over the age of 50 with at least one of four comorbidities were included in Priority Group 1: HF, CD, DPCO, or IR.

This plan was carried out by the penguins with newly created priority lobbies passing by, such as queues, politicians, judges, chaplain priests … who reduced the already scarce number of vaccines (which was compounded by the fact that António Costa did without them ) buying another million), that is, there were thousands fined for not getting the vaccine.

In late January or early February, when Francisco Ramos was released and Vice Admiral Gouveia e Melo was appointed head of the task force, Brussels “ordered” that all older people over 80 years of age be vaccinated.

In the HC of Paço de Arcos, the vaccination for people over 50 was carried out in alphabetical order. However, since they usually only had the AstraZeneca vaccine, only users under 65 were vaccinated and the rest of the group was skipped. Meanwhile, Vice Admiral Gouveia e Melo, ignoring this priority group, called for vaccination based on decreasing age and affirmed its purpose to save lives. Because of this, I was appalled and terrified of the outrage when I found out about the vaccination already and in 280,000 teachers.

I can only conclude that the lifeguard was hit by the political buoy floating between elections and sinking with the collateral damage of many unsuccessful deaths.

Estela Rocha, Oeiras

Social support in the context of the crisis

The context of the crisis affecting the country has resulted in the adoption of social assistance measures being revised and adapted to the new circumstances in which many citizens face difficulties The responsibility of those who have a duty to respond to those who gave them the vote of confidence fails.

A government that seeks to take a leadership role in combating the economic crisis that is a consequence of the pandemic crisis is determined not to reverse it, but rather to spend taxpayers’ money on supposed public investments when our national debt hits a new record in the year 202o – € 270.4 billion – which could help explain the government’s persistence in making dubious public investments rather than helping to reduce the poverty rate.

If the first figure of the state has repeatedly called for the adoption of programs to combat poverty, and we see reluctance on the part of the government to approve the increase in social assistance, we can conclude that this will not be a problem of the government’s lack of financial support Funds, but in the absence of a national poverty survey and the implementation of an abuse monitoring program because the leader has to spend more where he shouldn’t if the problem arises an opportunity for the government to do better.

Américo Lourenço, Sinus

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