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We are an incredible country in the diversity that we find after an hour on the road. Mértola and Vila Praia de Âncora are on two different continents, right? And yet, no: in the same country and with a few hours on the road, we can live these two worlds. The area between Minho and Vouga where Vinho Verde is made is therefore diverse but small. It’s my only justification for not suggesting a single tour. He could and he went outside every day.

By car via the EN108, which is on the edge of the Douro, from Porto to Baião. Stop at each riverside terrace and visit the monuments on the Romanesque Route. When no one was watching, he stole pala, baião, an orange, sweet and tasty, that faced the Algarve. Guarantee is a must. Leave the car there. The Amarante to Arco de Baúlhe railroad is now a fabulous ecovia to do on foot or by pedal, with beautiful landscapes and lots of tourists to spend the night.

Further north, the Ecovia Ponte de Lima-Ponte da Barca, which runs directly on the river, guarantees a few hours of peace and fresh air. Have a rest in Barca and head towards Arcos de Valdevez and always along the Vez River up the mountain to Sistelo. You can see the world up there on the Serra de Arga. The problem is to choose the departure point: to the coast, where the fish is king on the tables of Viana and Afife, or to the east, where Ponte de Lima has an unavoidable offer of regional cuisine?

But without forgetting the south of the region: Arouca, Vale de Cambra, Resende, Castelo de Paiva, Cinfães, so much world of pure water and time that goes by quietly. All of this in the 48 counties where Vinho Verde is produced.

Believe me, I’ve been here all day giving ideas.

It was these challenges that brought Público and the Vinho Verde Commission together on the project to create Singular that brings these and many other ideas to capture the wonderful country in which we live. Drink in moderation and read well!

This article was published in # 1 of Singular magazine. Download available here.

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