Benfica is a triumph to be a volleyball champion volleyball

This Friday, Benfica took an important step in the discussion about the national volleyball title. In the Azores the “incarnated” Fonte do Bastardo defeated in a game with some fans in the stands with 0: 3 and after the victory in Luz is 2: 0 before the final.

The partial imbalance followed the same line as the Lisbon triumph. Benfica didn’t even get into the game in the best way but accelerated to an undisputed triumph from the middle of the first set (19-25).

Very strong in service actions and with Tiago Violas in an excellent distribution plan, the Lisboners won the second part even easier (17-25) and returned after a better balance in the third set to create a great ending point to prevail from 20-25 .

With two wins in this final, which was played against the best of five, Benfica is now a victory that is no longer the national champions. The next meeting between the two teams is planned for Sunday afternoon, again in the Azores.

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