According to BE, Costa’s decision on social support is “an unnecessary political dramatization” Left Bloc

Catarina Martins recalls that although the government decided to send the three diplomas promulgated by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to the Constitutional Court, the laws have been published and must therefore be applied. In an interview with RTP3 this Wednesday, the leader of the Left Bloc believes that the government “has a somewhat complicated position to explain” and stressed that her party, which voted against the 2021 state budget, was ahead of João Leão’s Finance Minister has warned that the planned budget presented “did not have the necessary social response because the pandemic would not go away”.

For the leader of the blockade, António Costa’s decision to apply for the successive review of social support is “quite incomprehensible”. “The finance minister says the money exists and the workers need support. This visit to the Constitutional Court seems to be more of a political dramatization, which I consider unnecessary, than a measure that has concrete effects, ”he said.

Catarina Martins argued that “this is a private budget where there are multiple funds and empowers the Treasury to adjust a budget adjustment to the times of the pandemic,” stressing that João Leão has “extraordinary power” and “more leeway than it hat is common in the way budget funds are used to respond to the crisis. ”

There is no need for political crises or swamps

Catarina Martins, BE coordinator

It is about three diplomas, covering 100% parental support in teleworking with children at home, increasing support for the self-employed and increasing spending on health professionals, which the government is expected to see stopped by the President of the Republic . but Marcelo gave it the green light.

In the interview, Catarina Martins explained that in the case of the blockade proposal to increase support for the self-employed, the BE tried to “correct” the inadequacy of the executive measure drawn on the state budget. “All parties have already made changes to government regulations after the state budget,” recalls Catarina Martins, including the PS. “The PS itself also voted for changes,” he continued, reminding us that we are in “a very specific year “Life. “We are in a pandemic and the state budget has several measures that do not know how long they will last or what extent they will be,” he stressed the unpredictability of the pandemic. “As interesting as the theoretical discussion After the budget for pandemic times, there is something that should support those in need,” he summarized.

“We have warned that we will have this difficulty”, the blockist leader emphasized again and said that a legal agreement could have helped the government and that it was the PS that rejected this solution in the 2019 parliamentary elections and does not want a majority agreement in parliament Negotiating left and right at will, on the other hand, the votes become less predictable, ”he concluded. “I prefer a solid understanding,” he added.

Regarding the local elections, Catarina Martins does not rule out a new agreement with the PS in Lisbon, although she already has her candidate, the deputy Beatriz Gomes Dias, but does not yet speak of a coalition on the left.

In the same interview, Catarina Martins stated that “there is no reason for political crises or swamps” and pointed a finger at the government for “political blackmail”, which, according to Catarina Martins, goes back to the previous legislature.

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