PSD consults government on restoration of the National Forest of Leiria | Forest fires

The PSD questioned the Environment Minister after the fires in October 2017 to restore the National Forest of Leiria, as the government and the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation (ICNF) must be held accountable.

In a question addressed to Parliament and to Minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes, six Social Democrats refer to the fact that “the Assembly of the Republic, following several recommendations approved and ignored by the executive, incorporated the 2021 approval into the State Budget Law a public investment of five million euros to implement measures to restore and reforest the National Forest of Leiria and other publicly managed forests. “

The Social Democrats state that in the State Budget for 2021 “the creation of an electronic portal for general access to the dissemination of information on the continuation of the restoration work of the National Forest of Leiria” is set as “essential for the government and The ICNF for the in responsible for the work done in this forest.

“As it is publicly known that the origin of the plants installed since the fires in October 2017 did not originate exclusively in the National Forest of Leiria, it was important to determine their origin, as the information provided by the ICNF on this subject is not entirely revealing “, Emphasize the parliamentarians.

MEPs want to know how the implementation of the five million euros registered in the state budget is planned and planned and when the electronic portal with general access will be set up to disseminate information on the restoration work of the National Forest of Leiria.

In view of the “poor condition of the roads in the National Forest of Leiria”, the PSD also asks when “the intervention in the requalification” will be carried out and what percentage of the installed systems exceed “the 1,972,500 people” comes from the National Forest of Leiria “And where the plants come from.

The MPs justify this initiative “in the absence of answers to the questions put to the government on February 10th”.

The fires in the Centro region in October 2017 caused 49 deaths and around 70 injuries, with around 1,500 homes and more than 500 businesses being destroyed in whole or in part. More than 80% of the 11,062 hectare national forest of Leiria, which takes up two thirds of the municipality of Marinha Grande, burned in these fires.

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