Look at the sky: do you see Sara’s dust? Show us | photography

The gray or even brown skies, the muddy cars, the filtered sunlight and an almost apocalyptic environment. Sara’s dust was already felt last weekend, but reached concentration this Monday and Tuesday – and anyone who lives in the south of the country will be able to prove it.

As the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) explained on Facebook, this dust entered mainland Portugal “through the circulation caused by a subsidence that affected the Madeira Archipelago and is moving towards the continent”. . It is also expected that it will rain and that with it the dust will settle in the ground and the so-called “mud rain” will occur. By Thursday April 1st the phenomenon should be over, but it may be necessary to take the car to wash …

Until then we want to see you. Send us a photo of the phenomenon in JPG or PNG format with your name and the subject “Poeiras do Sara” in the subject of the email to the address publicop3 @ gmail.com by Wednesday March 31st. If you’d like, add a description and let us know where you’ve been. We will publish the ones we like the most.

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