The suspended judge urges the national director of the PSP to fight the martial arts coronavirus

Rui Fonseca e Castro, the judge preemptively suspended by the Supreme Judicial Council, challenged the National Police Public Security Director (PSP), Magina da Silva, to hand-to-hand combat this Sunday. The challenge for MMA combat – a sport of mixed martial arts that combines elements such as boxing or wrestling – was launched in a video posted on Facebook. The official PSP source contacted by PÚBLICO claims not to comment on the matter.

“It is a proposal to solve this as men,” says Rui Fonseca e Castro, who, in addition to saying that Magina da Silva “looks like a crying girl,” still describes him as “plaintive”. During the video, the suspended judge states that in the event of a defeat on social networks, he will be absent and “stop helping”.

On the contrary, if he wins, Magina da Silva has to “TV” to admit that he is an “idiot, a puppet, a government-sent stick” who is only director of the PSP because he is a “Mason.” “.

PSP filed a criminal complaint against the organizers of the anti-detention demonstration – including the Jurists for Truth movement led by Rui Fonseca and Castro – which brought together 3,000 people in Lisbon on March 20. It’s about crimes like attacking public health and inciting health standard violations, the Expresso reported, confirming the PUBLIC.

The judge, who also worked as a lawyer for a number of years, posted logs online for anyone who was exposed or who did not comply with the detention rules in order to hand them over to the police. The judge found that the Supreme Council of Justice had opened a disciplinary investigation into breach of reservation after being suspended from his duties last week. The preventive suspension can have a maximum duration of 180 days plus 60 days in exceptional situations.

For the judge, the probable extension of the state of emergency until May is another “violent and systematic attack” on “fundamental rights” and promises not to let go of his weapons. “The President of the Republic is preparing to extend the state of emergency until May. It has nothing to do with the pandemic. This has to do with a systematic and violent attack on our most basic fundamental rights, ”he said in a video he posted on Facebook.

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