Ronaldo is a national example and will keep his armband, says Fernando Santos | Soccer

It was with Cristiano Ronaldo, but it could also have been with Fernando Santos. In this way, the Portuguese soccer coach showed his solidarity with the reaction of the Portuguese captain at the end of the game in Serbia when he threw the armband to the ground after the goal not confirmed by the referee, preventing the Portuguese from triumph 3-2 for this reason Fernando Santos assured on Monday that the striker would maintain his status against Luxembourg in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

“It will keep the armband. Everyone knows that Cristiano is a national example of work in training. If Cristiano had insulted the national coach, his colleagues or the association, then we would have to think. But none of that happened. It was a moment of great frustration that could have happened to me considering the things I said to the fourth referee, ”Fernando Santos said at a press conference.

The coach, who anticipated the game in Luxembourg in the third round of Group A qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, commented on Ronaldo’s reaction at the end of the game against Serbia (2-2) on Saturday when the striker fired with the captain’s armband to the ground after a goal that was not confirmed after 90 + 3 minutes and would have given Portugal the triumph.

“It’s a moment of great frustration on the part of someone who wants to give everything for the national team, who sees the ball get into the goal and not a goal. It could have happened to anyone. There is no talk of the captain’s status, ”he explained.

Fernando Santos also recalled that only once in his career had he run out of players: “There was a player who threw his shirt once after I replaced him. That offended everyone. This was not the case with Cristiano. He’ll be a captain for sure. “

The meeting between Portugal and Luxembourg is scheduled for Tuesday from 7.45 p.m. (Lisbon time) in Luxembourg City and will be chaired by Russian Sergei Ivanov.

The national team made their Group A debut in European qualifying with a triumph over Azerbaijan (1-0) in Turin before they drew in Belgrade when they visited Serbia (2-2).

Portugal share the lead with Serbia on four points, followed by Luxembourg (three), who made their qualifying round debut on Saturday with a surprising 1-0 win when they visited the Republic of Ireland. The Irish have not yet scored a goal in two games, as has Azerbaijan, which has only played one game.

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