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Do old and vulnerable patients no longer have priority?

Like many Portuguese, I lived these months of the pandemic in a register of mild sadness punctuated by signs of fear and hope. From the beginning I tried to protect myself and my neighbors as is my duty. I have also tried to understand the hesitation and failure of those in charge who have to make difficult decisions, often without the support of reliable information. Until worries about the deviation from the national vaccination program took me by storm. It is incomprehensible that groups of citizens – I mean education workers – can be vaccinated without the vast majority of members of vulnerable groups being vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine. It’s absurd and dishonorable for anyone who has made up their minds. Apparently what happened to cheating on opportunistic people in January did not happen. Overtaking has now been institutionalized. And don’t fall for the mistake that everyone has access to the vaccine. The good is scarce and there are priorities. Ethics over Politics!

Maria José Rodrigues, Lisbon

The vaccines of our discontent

I take the risk of making mistakes because I have the perception of a normal citizen reading newspapers. Brussels paid substantial sums of money to pharmaceutical companies in a credit-worthy effort to solve the pandemic. On the contrary, nothing to contradict! We later learned that, despite this financial stake, Brussels does not have minimal control over the decision-making of the private sector, which ultimately owns patents and means of production. Who does what in their DNA: Maximize profits! And that the negotiated prices have been negotiated and therefore vaccines are passed on to those who offer more. Logical. Even I know you could have asked me Finally, a suggestion to the denialists: They send our man in disguise a friendly letter asking him to be removed from the list. So others will be vaccinated earlier and you will have a unique opportunity to confirm (or not confirm) your enormous conspiracy theories.

José Pombal Restaurant Reviews, Vila Nova de Gaia


It may be that everything is just a delay, another one when the process of unlocking the infamous 750 billion into such a “bazooka” that is slowly triggered is complete. In Germany, a group of 2,200 right-wing extremist citizens, the self-proclaimed “Alliance of the People’s Will”, with the support of the AfD, filed a “complaint” with the German constitutional court. Filled with legal premises, the old man emerges from below, exhausted, but greatly appreciated by the rich and the poor: “We have already given, we can no longer give”. Germans – they can – no longer want to be responsible for unforeseeable payments in the future if other EU member states do not have the means to repay their parts. They will be in their right … It should be noted that 75% of the votes in the German Bundestag voted in favor of the EU’s common debt issue and that there is confidence within the executive authorities that everything will be just a process of delay. Since the beginning of this “belated” bazooka, some obstacles from the cold of the east have already been guessed, and everything may end well. The problem is that there are still 13 states that haven’t completed the processes and until they all do, they won’t take a deep breath. The EU is shaky.

José A. Rodrigues, Vila Nova de Gaia

Our rich

Sometimes the blank page and lack of topics work wonders. We owe you the excellent chronicle of João Miguel Tavares on the last page of the PUBLIC on Saturday. From the first word to the last, it is an exquisite portrait of a strain that for years has stood out more for its problems than its economic advances. The timeline could have gone further and related to the way our businesses are invested in when real profits are made. Another standard phrase comes up: My money is mine, the investment is made with other people’s money. Profits usually go to the casino economy or tax havens. There is an old excuse: our strongest tradition in economic activity is not that of industrial capitalism, but that of speculative trade. You had time to change. Congratulations again to JM Tavares.

António Monteiro Fernandes, Lisbon

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