Ventura’s campaign manager is a candidate for Chega Castelo Branco | Local authorities

The director of André Ventura’s presidential campaign and coordinator of the Chega ethics committee, Rui Paulo Sousa, is the candidate of the far-right party of Castelo Branco, confirmed this Sunday to the Lusa agency.

“It was a policy option, according to the national and district directors of Castelo Branco who suggested my name,” said Rui Paulo Sousa.

The 53-year-old candidate for Chega, born in Vila Velha de Ródão in the Castelo Branco district, is an agricultural entrepreneur in Santarém and has historically topped the alliance list for the same district.

“One of the main problems that currently exist in Castelo Branco is corruption, which is spreading across the country. There was a loss of mandate from the previous mayor [PS] and that’s a problem in several chambers in the country, ”he said.

When asked if he was a person from outside Castelo Branco to apply for leadership of the community, Rui Paulo Sousa admitted that “coming from outside is always a problem,” but stressed that his origins are in this district lies.

“The problems need to be explored and seen and we have the Castelo Branco district that will help in this regard and we will see the problems of the population in order for the candidacy to get a good result,” he added.

In 2017, the PS won five of seven terms in the district capital with 58.75% of the vote, compared to 23.28% of the PSD.

The municipality of Castelo Branco has been run by PS since 1997 for over 20 years.

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