The Egyptian President calls for the removal of “Ever Given” containers from Suez

According to some Egyptian newspapers, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi asked for an operation to be prepared to remove containers from the Ever Given ship, which ran aground on Tuesday, March 23, in the southern part of the Suez Canal, six kilometers away from the access adjacent to the ship Red sea.

The information on the president’s request was given that Sunday by the senior official of the agency that manages the canal. The idea is to lighten the load in order to eventually ease the release of the freighter. On Saturday, 321 freighters were waiting for the channel to be unlocked and navigation for the 193.3 kilometers that connect the Red Sea to the Mediterranean can resume. While some ships did not want to wait any longer and changed their route to circumnavigate the African continent and cross the Cape of Good Hope. An option that requires an additional eight to 12 days of travel.

Egypt Today Magazine and Daily News Egypt are two of the media reporting in English on President Al-Sisi’s request to the management of the company that manages the Suez Canal, which conducts 10% to 15% of world trade by sea …

On Saturday, the Ever Given rudder was able to move 30 degrees due to operations, but the freighter with 18,300 containers on board, weighing 219,000 tons and measuring 400 meters in length, remains stranded in the same place.

The number of people smugglers involved in the operation continues to grow. There were 14 of them and there are two more on the way, one with a Dutch flag and the other with an Italian flag.

“There are positive signs for yesterday and Friday,” said the president of the station’s administrative authority, Osama Rabie, in statements to Egyptian state television. “The rudder got stuck and now it’s moving. There was no water under the bow and now there is, and yesterday there was a four meter deviation in the bow and stern, ”Rabie described.

The ship is buried in an area of ​​loamy sand. However, according to sources from the facility cited by the Reuters agency, a huge boulder was found near the arch that can interfere with the work.

Thousands of tons of sand have already been removed from the area and it is hoped that the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning floods could help free Ever Given, which sails with the Panamanian flag. But that didn’t happen. And on the horizon, the more likely it is that the need to remove containers from the stranded boat will relieve the weight before it floats again.

“We split the day in half, 12 hours for excavators and 12 hours for tugs because not all hours are good for the tow attempt due to the tide,” said Rabie.

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