Several cities around the world have Earth Hour | the light turned off surroundings

Several cities around the world have joined the “Earth Hour” movement, a mobilization operation against climate change and to protect nature that consists of turning off the lights for an hour.

Between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., depending on the time zone, places such as the Sydney Opera House (Australia), the Colosseum in Rome (Italy), the Red Square Moscow (Russia), the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (Germany) and the Westminster Palace and the advertising screens of Piccadilly Circus in London (England) or the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France) were switched off.

In Portugal, the lights on the 25 de Abril Bridge in Lisbon and the São Bento station in Porto were also turned off. A total of 131 municipalities joined the initiative and turned off the light of several emblematic rooms.

The annual mobilization is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature [WWF, Fundo Mundial para a Natureza, em português] and aims to call for action against climate change and the environment, with this year’s goal based on the link between the destruction of nature and the increase in the incidence of diseases such as Covid-19.

“Be it the decline in pollinators, the decline in the numbers of fish in the oceans and rivers, the disappearance of forests or the more general loss of biodiversity, there is growing evidence that nature is in free fall,” said the director-general of the WWF. Marco Lambertini, who has been organizing the “Earth Hour” since 2007.

Marco Lambertini added that “protecting nature is our moral responsibility, but the loss of nature also increases our vulnerability to pandemics, accelerates climate change and threatens our food security”.

In Singapore, skyscrapers have been cleared and people have been watching the moment on the coast. Other futuristic sculptures in the area were closed, as well as those in Hong Kong, while in Thailand the historic CentralWord mall was counting and turning off the lights on the coast for a set time.

After Asia and Europe, it’s time to move for places like the Empire State Building in New York (United States of America), the Obelisk in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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