A moral atlas of opinion

There is no hunger that does not exist in abundance. Germany has only one Auschwitz in its history, enough and enough to poison its life. It worked very ironically as a choice for evil, a choice he would gladly forego. Jealous, God knows what, some in Portugal want their own too. By the way, you already have several. Former Minister of Culture Luís Felipe Castro Mendes, who clearly paved the way to the genocide podium in the online edition of the Diário de Notícias of April 27, 2018, had taken the view that the Peniche fortress had a value of “in national memory comparable to the concentration camp Auschwitz as a place of suffering practices due to the oppression of the previous regime ”. Probably alarmed by a person with elementary common sense and full elementary education, the poet removed such a pearl from the newspaper’s website. It would have been a good vaccine. It was not.

António-Pedro Vasconcelos (APV) recently climbed the map in an article in PÚBLICO. With highly developed historical sensitivity, he affirms Salazarism that it was “a regime that Tarrafal established in Cape Verde on the model of Auschwitz”. The Tarrafal camp was built in 1936, Auschwitz in 1940. 37 people died in the Tarrafal penal colony, and how many were exterminated in Auschwitz? The “man of culture”, as the consecrated and consecrated expression says, from datis non curat. Is it a time lapse, is it ignorance? Ignorance is not, it cannot be. The lapse hypothesis is again superfluous in view of the argument developed by APV. At most it would change the order of the factors, since the argumentation is nothing other than the old reductio ad hitlerum in an allegedly tonal form. The aim is to establish the connection between the law and National Socialism in a text on Portuguese law after 46 years from April 25, 1974. If it was an error, the internal economy of the text would require it. Encapsulated in the universal execution of National Socialism, the evil faith of the intellectual (and morality; rascals), which are never very far apart, shows itself in the shameless recourse to the Shoah blank check – it is the bottomless ambition he is after seeks superior legitimacy.

But legitimacy for what? APV, a staunch Democrat, is concerned about the “collapse of traditional right-wing parties”. Well, these parties, Maxime PSD, are a repository for addiction and coitus of evildoers, from Cavaco Silva (a crypto-fascist) to Passos Coelho (an anti-patriotic ultra-liberal), not forgetting Durão Barroso (a lackey warmonger from the USA) . The filmmaker doesn’t skimp on fees. He sees only dangerous flaws in all of them. Still, it mourns. It suits you. Or maybe not. The law that ruled the country, the law chosen by the people, does not serve, it is not the law that the country needs. With a shrewd democratic instinct that respects social spontaneity and an equally remarkable independence of spirit, APV says it all in one sentence: the right that is needed is a “right that can do with the governments of António what they The left coast has done in recent years. “After all, it was: the right one must be the left one, and the left one is António Costa.

The filmmaker is free to say what he thinks about law: what existed, what existed, what ruled and what he plays with in the dollhouse that is his head. What is presented to us doesn’t cease to be strange. It all starts in Auschwitz and ends in António Costa. For this reason, APV conjured up the crimes of National Socialism, subordinated them to the Estado Novo, proclaimed them as custodians of good and memory, and placed them on the skin of a dying prophet. It is a whole and clear first case of vampirism that does not shy away from instrumentalizing the dead of Auschwitz, that tries to put on its back the height of horror that it imagined from the comfort of home. Such a moral atlas can do anything, even lies. Especially the lie.

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