Letters to the director’s opinion

While the west has vaccines

Vaccines against Covid-19 come too late because of the pharmacists and are not punished with the severity of these mistakes, which certainly lead to irreversible situations … The vaccination program is no longer fulfilled. Private producers received billions of euros in public money and did not adhere to the contracts that were drawn up on a Leonine basis. In addition to parallel sales, the fault also lies in the billboards made by rich countries, and whoever pays the most has excess vaccines. According to the press, there are countries in Africa that do not have vaccines. Do these people believe that if there is no mass vaccination worldwide, populations will be immunized? Even a layman says no.

Vítor Colaço Santos, São João das Lampas

The water of our discontent
We are a country that has provided its citizens with a number of very important social benefits such as the NHS and education over the past few years, but has also ensured regulation and control in a number of situations, such as access to essential goods for the US population as a whole. So we have a regulated or controlled price for electricity, bread, minimum banking services … but not for water, perhaps the most important asset of all. In Portugal, there are price differences in access to water that are absolutely unacceptable. Large families are penalized for exceeding consumption levels and rates and taxes are indexed that increase injustice.
The lack of equity in water tariffs in Portugal requires the majority of Portuguese families to pay more for every liter of water when they have children, in addition to the miserable differences in tariffs. As an example of this injustice, it is observed in the Porto district that a family of three in Felgueiras and in Trofa or in Vila do Conde pays almost 300 euros a year, a little more than 100 euros for water.
The populations most affected by the most inappropriate tariffs are beginning to manifest. The municipalities, many of which are in the hands of private companies, are starting to create accounts to reverse concessions. Knowing that it is up to local authorities to handle water, it would be essential for our democracy to harmonize access to this essential good. The costs of networks or infrastructures such as electricity or education cannot be used linearly in the diversity of the national territory to calculate the water price. It will therefore be up to the government to regulate this access, create justice and defend it.

Telmo Ramos

We want to continue talking about the former president

Oddly enough, the ex-President of the Republic, most overlooked by the vast majority of Portuguese and usually causing friction when he reappears, has now, for the third time in a row, the news through a donation of “officials” documents or “unofficially” or as assumed, to the Presidency of the Republic. They will be documents of your time as Prime Minister. Reminding or remembering that despite being rejected, it was someone totally political. And, as always has to be said, is it because there is a lack of that visibility? The time of your time was once time.
Augusto Küttner de Magalhães, Porto

Cavaco’s intellectual dishonesty

In a “sermon” that the Social Democrats were supposed to hear, Cavaco criticized the government for having fought the worst against the pandemic at some point. So far there is a reason, but before we were the best, and if he hadn’t been a Group President, I would have congratulated him. Now we’re the best again and it’s quiet. For the sake of the PSD, it’s good to be calm because your credibility to people who choose now one way or now the other is zero.

Quintino Silva, Paredes de Coura

Unclear process

Public money does not belong to governments but to citizens and should be used sensibly and transparently. We have the idea of ​​living in a Portugal where the laws are passed to the taste of negotiations behind the scenes of politics, where they are to remain hidden from the eyes of the citizens, but where an attentive medium tries to dismantle them put together plans showing the creativity of big companies to evade paying taxes, as the computer dam sales controversy shows which is just another case.

It is natural that the actors will try to defend themselves with arguments based on legislation of dubious interpretation if in this process taxes escape, which in turn ends up the money that should be used to enrich the country through obscure schemes To be distracted where those who are losing are us and where corruption helps delay Portugal’s success.

Américo Lourenço, Sinus

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