Cristiano and the armband on the floor: “There are difficult times” | International football

It was one of the pictures from the meeting. And the one who was most alive was remembered after the referee in Belgrade whistled for the end of Serbia-Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the excitement and throws the armband onto the pitch. A sign of revolt for the canceled bid that would be worth the winning goal, but also a lack of cool head.

The result was devalued by the national coach at the press conference after the game. Fernando Santos argued that he did not see what happened and continued his speech, focusing on the events of the game. Moments later, however, it would be Cristiano himself to publish a reaction via the official Instagram account.

“To be the captain of the Portuguese team is one of the greatest pride and privilege of my life. I always give and will give everything for my country, that will never change. But there are difficult times, especially when we feel like an entire nation is being hurt. Raise your head and face the next challenge now! Strength, Portugal! “, He wrote.

The moment the Juventus striker is referring to is the final move of the game. It is the moment when Nuno Mendes starts a cross from the left, the ball flies over Serbian territory and lands in Cristiano’s action zone, which places it under the goalkeeper’s body and towards the goal. A Serbian defender still cuts the ball over the goal line but the television footage shows that the ball has already crossed the entire line and the move should have been validated as such.

The lack of a video referee at this stage of the competition contributed to a wrong decision and at the end of the game the referee himself, Dutchman Danny Makkelie, apologized to Fernando Santos after reviewing the offer on TV. It was the trainer himself who reported it in the press room.

“The referee apologized to me in the dressing room and told me that he was ashamed. I was in the locker room with him and he apologized to me. He had told me on the field that he would see the pictures and that he would call me to apologize if it was the case … and so it was, ”he explained.

“It’s the second time in a qualifying phase that I’m sorry after the game. I told him on the field that there was no VAR or goal-line technology in a game like this … But the ball was half a meter inside the goal. There was no obstacle between the goalkeeper and the goal line. But that doesn’t solve the problem because we were drawing. “

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