Covid-19: Marcelo promotes the end of the suspension of procedural deadlines | justice

The President of the Republic this Friday issued the Parliament’s decree on the basis of a government proposal ending the suspension of procedural and procedural deadlines related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A note posted on the official website of the Presidency of the Republic states that the head of state, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, “announced today [sexta-feira] the decree of the Assembly of the Republic ending the regime of suspension of procedural and procedural deadlines adopted in connection with the Covid-19 disease pandemic, amending Law No. 1-A / 2020 of March 19. “

This decree, which followed for promulgation this Thursday in the Palace of Belém, was adopted in Parliament on Thursday with votes for PS, PSD, CDS-PP, PAN, Enough and Liberal Initiative and abstentions from BE, PCP, PEV and the unregistered MEPs Cristina Rodrigues and Joacine Qatar Moreira in a final global vote.

At the end of the parliamentary debate on the issue, Deputy State Secretary for Justice and Justice, Mário Belo Morgado, stressed that the proposed law to suspend procedural deadlines had “very broad support”, despite the fact that amendments had been tabled. which in his opinion “do not collide with the diploma”.

The official took the view that the suspension of procedural and procedural deadlines was having a “very negative effect” on the functioning of the judiciary and that it was necessary to re-establish the “legal framework” for the functioning of the courts and to regulate the delays caused by the in the context of the Covid pandemic. -19.

The President of the Republic promulgated the parliamentary decree on February 1, which introduced a regime for the suspension of procedural and procedural deadlines in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, which also emerged from a government proposal and is now ending.

This suspension of time limits did not apply to prior audit procedures by the Court of Auditors or to “procedures, acts and duties of care deemed urgent by law or the judicial authority’s decision, without the suspension or interruption of time limits, acts or duties of care”, including “Of the processes and procedures for the defense of rights, freedoms and guarantees that are violated or threatened with violations by unconstitutional or unlawful measures”.

More than 16,000 patients have died of Covid-19 in Portugal and more than 819,000 cases of infections with the new coronavirus have been reported so far, according to the General Directorate of Health (DGS).

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