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Baskets on the door

With deliveries throughout the country and also to the European Union, Cabazes has thematic and personalized offers in its catalog that serve several special dates. At Easter it has 11 baskets with prices between 27.50 and 160 euros in a row and contains ingredients such as cheese, wine, aromatic herbs, sausages, almonds, sweets, biscuits, pies, jams, sardines and canned tuna, pralines or dried fruits. Orders are placed on the website five to six days in advance.

Companhia dos Cabazes also made a special deal: Easter flavor, colored almonds (€ 25.99), Easter exclusive (€ 33.99), Easter basket (€ 49.49) and Happy Easter box (€ 64.99) are the suggestions, to celebrate the court. The boxes (card-shaped baskets or wicker baskets) bring wine, cheese, sausages and pies, not to mention almonds, pumpkin or fig jam, biscuits, pralines, chocolate eggs and a special gift for customers. Deliveries in Portugal and Spain.

Easter baskets arrive at Cantinho das Aromáticas, a company dedicated to the organic production of infusions and spices. The doce contains an infusion of lavender, a lemon thyme spice, biscuits and pralines (€ 12.44). Guloso comes with herbal tea, honey, biscuits and cocoa pieces (€ 17.95). This goes hand in hand with a range of customizable offers, ranging from love and relaxation packages to offers for vegetarians or babies. Deliveries in mainland Portugal in 24 to 48 hours.

Lisbon Marriott Hotel DR Children’s proposal

Meals at the table (and measure) from everyone

In addition to the rituals and restrictions of the dish, Fundão puts on the table a menu of temptations that combines traditions and flavors at eight restaurants and five baked goods in the community, all with take-away service and home delivery. The Fundão initiative “Here Come Well – Easter Flavors” is not lacking in goat, borreguinho, octopus, cod, Maranho rice and olive oil cakes. The menu is sweetened with porridge, sweet rice, almond tart, egg pudding, bowl and farofias, among other things. The gastronomic festival runs until April 4th as part of the Quadragésima cycle, which the municipality dedicates to Easter traditions. The list of participating institutions can be viewed here.

For a “carefree Easter”, Casa da Comida has prepared two special menus: Good Friday with the choice between roasted squid with lagareiro or semi-hardened cod with honey and pine nuts (€ 15 to € 16 / person). and Easter Sunday (€ 15 to € 17.50 / person) with roast roast or roast beef with mustard sauce. Both proposals can be accompanied with soup (€ 4 to € 7), side dishes (green asparagus, fried potatoes and sweet potatoes, Arabic rice, vegetables or spices, € 4.50) and sweets – from traditional leaf to carrot cake and walnut with cream cheese in Shape of a nest that goes through the chocolate egg, the chat with burnt angels, the apple pie or the Paris-Brest (€ 21 to € 35). Orders placed by March 30th for deliveries on days 1 (from 1pm to 9pm) and on April 3rd (from 12pm to 7pm) in the greater Lisbon area.

Easter on the Go is the suggestion of Chef António Alexandre from the Marriott Hotel in Lisbon to celebrate the occasion. With a take-away service, which requires booking at least one day in advance and meals for at least two people, two menus are available: one for Good Friday, the other for Easter Sunday. Rich sea soup (€ 16), duck patty with mushrooms and sage (€ 16), roasted squid with lagareiro (€ 33), roasted cod with migas (€ 30), suckling pig (€ 28), mountain goat (€ 36) €) , roast turkey (€ 22), brigadeiro cake (€ 12) and sweet folar (€ 16) are some of the delicacies in the store. Reservations at 217235400 and 914391060.

With deliveries to the Lisbon and Algarve areas, Food at Home offers an Easter menu of starters, dishes and desserts. Oysters, crabs, boiled prawns, cheese, sausages, octopus à Lagareiro, oven-roasted lamb or child, duck leg confit, leaf, almond tart, bacon from heaven, brigadeiro and apple crumble are among the suggestions in the letter. Orders placed by March 30th for deliveries on Easter Sunday, April 4th (fee 3 €), under the number 910567899 and by e-mail to geral@foodathome.pt.

An Easter brunch (195/2 €), a special edition of 62 chocolate eggs (125 € per unit, 35 cm high and entitles you to prices such as a stay, a brunch, a cocktail or a fitness session), an egg hunt basket for the little ones ( 35 €), a do-it-yourself basket with eggs to fill and decorate (45 €) and the traditional savory leaf leaves, sweet leaves and chocolate braids (40 € to 50 €) give the Osterform Form shop window of the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel Lisboa . With the party at home (take away or home), the hotel also invites you to use social media to discover the number one egg in the collection that is hidden in the hotel. Orders 48 hours in advance at ritz.delicatessen@fourseasons.com and 213811418.

The egg from RItz DR

Other temptations at home

Arcádia celebrates Lent with chocolates and olives. Between March 20 and April 4, when shopping in the online shop (with a value of € 30 or more and for mainland Portugal), customers can win an Easter basket of branded products delivered to their home by the EU Band Os Azeitonas , known for topics like Walk with me to see planes, or high school guitarist, among others. The winners will be announced on April 5th and delivery (with an exclusive mini-concert) will be scheduled if the context allows.

Eggs with brigadeiro filling to eat with a spoon (€ 12), baskets with filled cones (€ 18), nest-shaped cakes (€ 27 to € 42), peta zetas, rabbits, carrots, chicks and many other pieces of jewelry. These are some of the surprises that Brigadeiro Gourmet Lx prepared for the dish. In boxes of four, six, 12, 24 or 50 units (5.60 to 70 euros) and with ten different flavors, there are brigadeiros for every taste. Orders are placed in the online shop (until March 31st for Easter deliveries) for the greater Lisbon area.

In a year that the country’s largest chocoholics festival is closed, the event will be remembered and palate with boxes delivered to your doorstep. With the seal of the Óbidos International Chocolate Festival, the Delicious_P Easter box Happy with Chocolate (€ 35) will be filled with liqueur, chocolate, macarons, a set for making hot chocolate, eggs, almonds and local handicrafts (a wooden house with a ceramic bird) . For the little ones there is the option of chocolate for Kids_Easter Fun (25 €), which is delivered with the same properties, in different doses and of course without alcohol. Orders are accepted until March 28th, deliveries until April 1st.

The Last Supper by Bertílio Gomes

The History channel has been promoting the work of Portuguese chefs for nine years, inviting them to imagine a menu based on “The Last Supper”, a program presented on this channel during Holy Week. The premiere will take place on the 26th at 10:10 p.m. with repeats until Easter on April 4th. This year Bertílio Gomes was chosen, who in the last meal together drafted a letter with ingredients that could have passed through the table of Jesus and the apostles before Christ was handed over to the authorities to be tried for blasphemy and sentenced to death on the cross. The chef at Taberna Albricoque in Lisbon, with an Algarve influence, suggests a dinner made from stale vegetables and legumes. And a few more surprises …

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