Covid-19: Students are the ones who lose the most if deflation doesn’t advance, says Coronavirus Education Minister

The education minister said Friday was “critical” to the success of the deflation process, warning that nothing will be gained from containing the Covid-19 and defending that students will be the ones who lose the most when the situation gets complicated .

These warnings were given by Tiago Brandão Rodrigues at the inauguration of the expansion works for the 2nd and 3rd cycle of the Parque das Nações primary school, which was attended by Prime Minister António Cista and the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina.

In his short speech, the Minister of Education first recalled the times when he was a student at the University of Coimbra and volunteered at Expo 98, at a time when Parque das Nações was being launched and hadn’t done any Infrastructure. School or health.

“A number of school facilities here are closed today. A legacy is left for all future generations who will go through here, ”he said before referring to the current epidemiological situation in the country. “With the end of the second year of school we are in a decisive moment, already with teaching activities in kindergartens and in the first cycle. I would like to say something about this lack of definition process: the country is in a complex phase and nothing has been gained, ”he said.

Tiago Brandão Rodrigues then said that he had spoken to teachers and mayors and that everyone knows that “those who have more to lose when things do not go as desired are the children and young people”. “We have to make sure that the missing definition can happen the way we all want it to, to open the third school year as desired with the 2nd and 3rd cycle, and then we can open it up with secondary and higher education.” he pointed out.

Earlier, the Mayor of Lisbon stated that the expansion of this elementary school “puts an end to the state’s commitment to the city with regard to Parque das Nações”.

“This inauguration creates delays, inadequacies and difficulties in responding to the needs of Parque das Nações for 20 years in terms of the planned infrastructures. It is just a word of thanks and appreciation to the government for the remarkable work it has done over the past few years to resolve any outstanding issues. This is basically the responsibility of the central administration, ”said Fernando Medina.

In other words, according to the Mayor of Lisbon, “the infrastructure cycle necessary for Parque das Nações is now closed”. “Next week the tender for the Parque das Nações health center will open. Before summer, the competition for the new elementary school of the late architect Manuel Graça Dias will open in the north of Parque das Nações, ”he added.

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