Peugeot 308 shows a more seductive and nature-friendly Löwen Motoren – New

Peugeot had to revive its compact family to create a line of dialogue between all models, also characterized by bold lines and exquisite design. And even under the compromised circumstances and depending on the development of the pandemic in the world, it will not do without pomp: The new Peugeot 308, which will arrive in the second half of the year, not only adopts the design language introduced for the first time from the smallest 208 and then visibly through the vertical and trap-shaped daylights, as it will be the brand’s first model to feature the new lion logo. And it doesn’t stop there.

By optimizing the architecture across the board, Peugeot has managed to improve the habitability percentages of a car that is longer, wider and lower. At 4,367 meters, the compact family extended by 11 cm and optically created an elongated silhouette, the effect of which is underlined by the decrease in height by 2.2 centimeters. However, the fact that it is almost 2 inches wider makes it possible to perceive a car closer to the road. Of course, these changes have practical implications, starting with habitability, which is more comfortable for those who ride in the back seat thanks to the 5.5 cm increase in the wheelbase.

In terms of design, what is remarkable is the work on the front that has received the new symbol (a bit retro and reminiscent of other adventures of the brand), the presence of which is emphasized by a grid whose pattern seems to gradually converge towards the lion . Towards the rear, the brand underscores its commitment to aerodynamic performance with the creation of a wind tunnel based on the ideal intersection points of the silhouette of a sedan and the introduction of a long spoiler on the roofline.

Inside, the 308 shows once again that Peugeot, with the creation of a refined and evolving technological environment with a new version of the i-cockpit presented with i-Connect Advanced, is connected to powerful TomTom navigation and its maps are handed over You can occupy the entire 10-inch screen, which is located in the center of the dashboard and proves to be customizable, with intuitive controls, very close to what is being observed on a tablet. It should be noted that the function of replicating the screen of the mobile phone is carried out wirelessly, and the system can connect to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth.

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– Peugeot (@Peugeot) March 21, 2021

As expected, the technological offering does not go beyond security-relevant aspects. The 308 will be available from the end of the year with a semi-autonomous driving package that includes adaptive cruise control with automatic stop and start functions, when paired with the EAT8 automatic transmission, which helps keep the vehicle on the road, and at the same time Adds three new functions for two-lane roads: the semi-automatic lane change, which suggests the driver to overtake the vehicle in front and then suggest the return to the original lane; Advance speed recommendation at which the system will operate according to the speed limit signs; and adaptation of the speed in the curve, which optimizes the speed as a function of the angle of the curve.

The highlight for engines is the double PHEV proposal with the Hybrid 225, which combines a 180 hp PureTech engine with an 81 kW (108 hp) electric motor to achieve an electric range of up to 59 kilometers, and the hybrid 180, which adds 150 hp PureTech to the same 81 kW electrical device and announces that it can travel 60 kilometers with zero emissions – both two-wheel motors are controlled by the e-EAT8 automatic transmission.

However, this does not mean that the heat engines were thrown away, as the 308 was served with a petrol proposal (1.2 cylinders) in two derivatives of 110 and 130 hp and a diesel with the four cylinders 1.5 BlueHDi of 130 hp. It should be noted that all mechanics come with a six-speed manual transmission, which makes it possible to opt for an EAT8 in the most powerful versions of gasoline and diesel.

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