Letters to the director’s opinion

The sale of dams to IT and the tax authority

The deep silence that the tax authority (AT) has faced regarding the sale of computer dams and the payment or non-payment of stamp duty is making more and more noise. When time goes by and the answers to simple questions aren’t showing up, it’s logical to suspect that something wasn’t done as it should. Why doesn’t AT speak? Unless this is done in a clear, insightful and independent manner, AT is only helping to increase doubts about the above operation, which in no way adds to the transparency that must always be demanded and constantly defended.

Manuel Morato Gomes, Senhora da Hora

Secret societies

Opinions about politicians and other people belonging to secret organizations are hotly debated, as the PSD chairman believes that this fact of membership should be made public. However, we believe that a citizen’s individual freedom will be more fragile when such facts are compulsory for communication in their own headquarters. In addition to the questions mentioned above, we question whether the existence of secret associations is permissible in a democratic state with established law and what they are intended for.

José Amaral Restaurant Reviews, Vila Nova de Gaia

Four day work week

The flexible working day strengthens the cooperation between employer and employee. Working from home due to the pandemic was a valuable experience. The four-day work week allows the employee to reduce delays and absenteeism in order to solve personal problems. Reducing costs at the enterprise level and increasing productivity is a fact. Car pollution is reduced and tourism is grateful for the opportunity to organize long weekends. Maintaining contractual remuneration would reduce union intervention and reduce labor disputes. As a result, the planning of strikes for Friday would not be adequately taken into account. With the pandemic attack, new paradigms emerged. Let us know how we can enjoy it. We would even have more time to read the PUBLIC!

Ademar Costa, Póvoa de Varzim


Much has been said about the AstraZeneca vaccine. I have read several texts, all of which have a decisive influence on the action of the European Commission, which has freed all EU countries from a lot of work, prevented lengthy negotiations and obtained cheaper prices for companies that produce several vaccines, including AstraZeneca. I think the dispute over this vaccine is just a war, a commercial war of interests. The Commission may have bought the vaccines at a cheaper price and now AstraZeneca is intending and I don’t know if other pharmaceutical companies intend to delay the vaccine because it was presumably sold at a higher price outside the EU.

A few days ago in this section I complained that I was over 80 and had not yet received the vaccine. But the next day I received the message that I would be vaccinated two days after the text was written. In Rio de Mouro, I received the vaccine in huge facilities where everything worked perfectly.

Artur Gonçalves, Sintra

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