The tax authorities are already “collecting” data on the sale of dams, says João Leão | energy

The finance minister said Tuesday at the Assembly of the Republic that the tax authority is already collecting “data” on the transaction between EDV and the French consortium led by Engie for the transfer of the six Douro dams.

Minister João Leão, who will be heard this Tuesday along with the Environment Minister in the Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning Commission, about the transfer of concessions, said he had asked the tax authority when this would happen. An assessment of EDP’s business and that it has received information that an investigation is pending.

“They are already working and collecting data to see if there is aggressive tax planning,” said João Leão at the hearing requested by the Bloco de Esquerda.

“In situations of aggressive tax planning, we have to set high standards. The government has given the AT advice that it must be “strict” and in those cases made successive changes to the law to streamline the network, the government official said.

If this scenario is confirmed in EDP’s business, AT will act in “compliance”, emphasized the finance owner.

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