Prince Harry is said to be working in the mental health field of the British Royal Family

Prince Harry has been invited to take a seat on the board of directors of BetterUp, a professional coaching, consulting and mentoring company that is developing the Wall Street Journal this Tuesday.

The monarch is thus given a leadership position at a start-up in Silicon Valley, where, according to Reuters, Harry is expected to contribute to initiatives such as product strategy decisions and charitable donations, and to publicly advocate for issues related to mental health. One of the topics that was the focus of the interview Oprah gave with wife Meghan Markle.

“I intend to have an impact on people’s lives,” the prince said in an email to the Wall Street Journal, explaining the reasons that led him to take the job. “Proactive coaching offers endless opportunities for personal development, greater awareness and a better life in general,” he summarized.

With the couple’s decision, announced in January 2020, to let the British monarchy work full-time, several opportunities arose for both of them to use the Sussex brand financially. Even more so after several benefits were cut, namely security, a high expense that led them to accept the agreements with Netflix and Spotify, which, as the Prince pointed out when speaking to Oprah, only became part of the plans when the Security payment was imposed.

During the interview, which raised questions about the skin color of Meghan and the children of both, the Duchess revealed that one element of the royal family, whose identity remains unknown, even faced the matter as if it were a problem. Mental health was one of the central points of the conversation and the couple turned out to be extremely sensitive to the subject. Meghan admitted to doubting its viability; Harry vented that he felt unable to help her because he was also “in a very dark place”.

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