Potential majority for Netanyahu in Israel in sight Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party was unsurprisingly the most elected in the Israeli elections. More surprising is the fact that, according to polls, at the end of the polls, he could have won a majority to rule with his allies – something he missed in the last three elections.

This despite the fact that a legal process is taking place against you, which leads many to fear that a judicial reform of a government in which you have a majority and not, as in the previous coalition, has a coalition partner who does not agree with these measures – the blue -White party, from the former military chief Benny Gantz.

According to the poll on one of the public channels, Channel 11, Likud will get 31 seats in a parliament of 120, the ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and the United Judaism of Torah 18 and 9, and Yamina, the former ally after that rival and perhaps Netanyahu’s new ally, Naftali Bennett, at 7. There is also the Religious Zionism Party at 7, which, although viewed as very extreme, has been brought to the pro-Netanyahu camp.

Many analysts speculated that this election would be particularly difficult to analyze due to multiple parties about to enter parliament, and these results are just polls on the polls for now. A result is expected this Wednesday.

The election was also heavily marked by the pandemic that killed more than 6,000 people in Israel. However, the country’s unique vaccination program has created an ambiguity. Last weekend, people who had already been vaccinated could watch football matches in stadiums.

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