Witnesses from Tancos say that Marcelo guarantees with PGR about the withdrawal of the competence to PJM | has spoken attack in Tancos

A witness heard on Monday during the Tancos trial confirms the version defended several times by the former director general of PJM, Colonel Luís Vieira and denied by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, which the head of state had guaranteed at a meeting in Tancos to intervene with the former Attorney General of the Republic, Joana Marques Vidal.

The President said that he would speak to the Attorney General of the Republic and that the Minister would speak to his fellow judicial officer [Francisca Van Dunem]At a meeting at which the head of state showed interest in aspects of the investigation into the theft of Tancos, said Captain João Bengalinha, investigator of the Military Judicial Police (PJM), who will be heard as a witness on Monday in the Tancos trial.

João Bengalinha, who was the first investigator of the attack on Tancos, was also mentioned several times in the case of Tancos at that meeting because Colonel Luís Vieira said in that conversation that he had failed to comply with the order of the then Attorney General of the Republic, Joana Marques Vidal to assign responsibility for the investigation already initiated by PJM to the Judicial Police (PJ).

“The President wanted to know how the investigation is going” and justified the questions to Colonel Luís Vieira with the words: “I want to be informed about the investigation,” said Captain Bengalinha when questioned by the lawyer Manuel Ferrador, who is representing him Colonel Luís Vieira, one of the main defendants in a group of 23 military and civilians who have been on trial in the Santarém Judicial Court since November 2020.

At the meeting with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and Minister Azeredo Lopes on the premises of Tancos also attended the then Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Pina Monteiro, and the military chiefs of the various branches of the armed forces, Colonel Luís Vieira also complained that the PJ failed to provide the PJM with the content of a complaint received two months prior to the preparation of an attack.

“It was mentioned that day [pelo coronel Vieira] that the PFY was already in possession of information that an attack was taking place [a uma instalação militar] would be prepared, ”said João Bengalinha.

CEMGFA, General Artur Pina Monteiro, responded. Said when this information [transmitida por Luís Vieira] It was reliable, it was extremely serious, ”added João Bengalinha. “And he announced that the armed forces have a level of security that can be increased in alarm situations and that this is unacceptable [a comunicação da PJ à PJM] does not happen “.

This information has already been referred to by Colonel Luís Vieira, former director general of PJM, in self-defense in a case (arising from the Tancos case) in which he is charged with violating judicial secrecy. Luís Vieira, heard at the trial on March 10, described Marcelo’s interest in the investigation and assurances that he would speak to the Attorney General, as he had done in connection with the Tancos case himself.

The President of the Republic has denied having spoken to Luís Vieira about it on several occasions. The PFY defended himself that the information had been given informally to a member of the PJM, stating that the investigation (officially opened as a PFY investigation) had made no progress because he saw the motion to conduct a criminal investigation has refused by the criminal investigating judge. Wiretapping.

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