Who wants to work from Bragança for a month with a paid home? The community invites telecommuting

The municipality of Bragança invites four families who can work online to move to their territory for a month with paid accommodation. This is part of a project aimed at attracting remote workers.

According to the municipality, “in May the“ new brigantines ”provided free accommodation with all the conveniences to ensure the quality of life and quality of life,“ to create conditions for the development of experiences and the facilitation of the integration process ”possibility of remote working “. The internet is included in the accommodation and families or individual workers can apply.

The families selected will also receive the offer of a “welcome basket with regional products” and will be able to apply from this Monday under the Bragança – Liberdade para Recomeçar program, which was integrated into a pilot project of the URBACT cooperation agreement – Find Your Greatness program.

The project is funded by the European Union and promotes the implementation of pilot measures to learn and share experiences for promoting sustainable development in cities in Europe, according to the municipality.

After choosing what to do by April 10th, the families themselves choose the accommodation they want to stay in: one is available in the city of Bragança and three more in the villages of the municipality. One of the benefits announced by the community is the ability for candidates to work in contact with nature.

According to the municipality of Trás-os-Montes, this is “a social experience thought by active people who have the opportunity to develop their professional activity remotely and to explore different work environments”.

“It is being adopted as a new approach to promoting Bragança and the local economy, promoting the destination as the ideal destination to work remotely outside the home with flexibility and freedom,” he claims.

With this project, the Chamber wants to “pass on the quality of life that Bragança has to offer to those who want to live and work in this area” and “underline that it is possible to be connected to the world of work and enjoy a welcoming environment at the same time Area to take a break and / or to break away from hectic everyday life. “

Participants are encouraged to live independently in the community and share their experiences through social networks. At the end, a documentary will be shared with the aim of conveying daily life, sharing learning and assessing the effectiveness of the pilot action.

The Mayor of Bragança, Hernâni Dias, believes in the success of the “New Beginning in Bragança” challenge, taking into account the changes in work caused by the covid-19 pandemic, namely teleworking.

For the mayor, this experience showed that “many activities can be developed from anywhere in the world” and “last year the Portuguese rediscovered the charm of the interior with the covid-19 pandemic”.

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