The former Marquis Library was reactivated for cultural purposes starting next week

After several years of locked doors and the imbroglio of the various public branches to which it was subjected, the Pedro Ivo People’s Library is finally being brought back to the city with its original name and a function very close to that with which it was installed in Praça do Marquês de Pombal, in Porto in January 1948 – was one of the first popular libraries in the city and privileged the children and young people on its shelves. From next Monday, children and adults can return to immerse themselves in a wide variety of stories, as the room will gradually be reactivated by the end of the year, provided a multidisciplinary cultural program is required.

The beginning of the new life of the library will be carried out by the city museum, which will physically transport the radio station to the 43 m² area. Between March 29 and May 15, the radio will be broadcast from there on VHF and will “constitute itself as a small open-air sound library,” said Nuno Faria, artistic director of the museum, in a presentation at the council meeting on Monday. In parallel, the station will schedule daily readings of fables from different eras and latitudes, episodes and topics related to the industry in Porto, as well as readings in different parts of the city, a programmatic line that will include a special episode for Praça do Marquês.

The second phase will take place between May 17th and July 10th and will be run by the Municipal Theater of Porto (TMP), which will transform the library into a dissemination platform for artists in dormitories and a “confluence of knowledge and cultures of the European Moving Borders project [projecto que envolve sete cidades e instituições culturais europeias]with funding for two years, ”said Nuno Faria.

During the third reactivation phase between July 16 and September 12, the Pedro Ivo Popular Library will become an extension of the Porto Book Fair and its activities will be planned around the personality who gives it its name, the Porto writer Pedro Ivo ( 1842) -1906). The fourth and final phase of the pilot project will be led by Batalha Centro de Cinema, which will be hosting a film in this room between October and December that has been curated by a cooperative cinema project in the city.

In 2022, the Pedro Ivo People’s Library is expected to contact the local community for proposals for its programming that will remain in the cultural and artistic field. According to Nuno Faria, the goal is to have a “call to the local community or an ideas competition” that obeys the “multidisciplinary character” of the project while at the same time incorporating “the connection to the history of the space” ”, so that the people of Porto create new memories in the garden library.

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