China-USA-Russia: what is new or will the old confrontation persist? | opinion

The President of the USA, the most powerful country in the world, has obligations in the area of ​​political discourse. His words carry a lot of weight. They echoed all over the world. They are read to exhaustion, reread and analyzed. Incidentally, Biden also ran against Trump’s rude speech.

In diplomatic terms it is an unprecedented verbal attack to call Putin, the head of state of a great power, a murderer. Biden seems to want to deepen his predecessor’s course in his relations with China and Russia, two major military powers, and winks at sympathy for the EU.

The relationship between these three powers is very important for the stability of the world. And if it is true that internal problems today, namely those relating to human rights, are problems that affect the international community in the sense that its defense is universal, then it is still true that this important element is not considered a weapon of the political Throwing should be used according to the taste of convenience, also precisely because of its enormous importance.

Since the Saudi Crown Prince was the moral author of the cold-blooded murder of journalist J. Khashoggi, Biden did not name MBS a murderer. It didn’t even bother you. He didn’t mention it either. Even though the CIA framed it.

These police exist to overthrow regimes the US does not sympathize with, including the assassination of their leaders. And to carry out political murders of the “intentionally dead or alive” type, such as those perpetrated against bin Laden and the Islamic state caliph somewhere in Pakistan and Syria. A criminal is arrested, tried, and sentenced. This issue is of fundamental importance in both national and international law.

It is doubtful that Putin knew nothing about the poisoning of Alexei Navalny, but it is certain that the “President” of Burma ordered the sweeping of a large number of people demonstrating in defense of the democratic regime and the elections that are taking place. However, Biden did not call the head of the coup a murderer.

Equally grave are the human rights violations committed by its emir in Dubai as well as in the constellation of the Gulf States, not to mention Saudi Arabia’s brutal military intervention in Yemen, which is supported by the US and has already caused more than a hundred thousand deaths.

Uyghurs and Hong Kong residents are persecuted for disagreeing with China’s political orientation. These violations of the most basic human rights are grave and must be condemned.

It turns out that the United States itself has an extensive list of human rights violations not only against the black or Hispanic population, but also against migrants who arrive at the border and keep them, including children, in cages. Police crimes against black people are constant.

What if a head of state called Biden a murderer? How many sanctions?

It is important that human rights are respected worldwide. If they are a weapon to throw against certain regimes and complacency with others with very serious violations, the world will not change in terms of respect for human rights.

Biden apparently wants to make human rights a policy that serves to justify sanctions against Russia and China and the arms race while ignoring other violations in many aspects that are more serious or serious than those of these countries. The path to respect for human rights is not an easy path; It has to be an axis that leads to its implementation in all countries and corners of the world.

The author writes according to the new orthographic convention

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